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How to Prepare IBPS BANK PO and Clerk in 90 Days.

How to Prepare IBPS BANK PO and Clerk in 90 Days.

How to Prepare IBPS BANK PO/Clerk in 90 Days

IBPS PO and Clerk Exams are knocking at the door. All banking aspirants must have started their preparation by now. We can guarantee you that a period of three months will be enough for banking aspirants to crack the exams of both PO and Clerk easily. These banking paper have sections on English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and Banking or Economic Affairs. Candidates should make a proper schedule and follow it wisely to crack the exam. Nothing would be enough without hard word.
Here we have listed some important points which can help banking aspirants to prepare for IBPS Clerk/PO exam.
  • Divide your time- Candidates need to divide the entire time frame of three months equally according to their  own need. One such strategy would be to start preparing from scratch for the first month. Do not leave any section even if you find it to be difficult. Revise each topic of every sections like english, Aptitude, and reasoning. 
  • Read Newspaper-Start reading newspaper from the first month itself. This is a must to do because that will help you to
    • Improve your vocabulary
    • Know Banking and Economic Concepts
    • Have proper knowledge of current affairs
    • Increase reading speed
    • Improve reading ability
  • Focus on all sections-Do not avoid any section in the first month of preparation. Make it a point to follow books for every section properly and clear concepts on each topic. Also, do not overdo any topic which might be easy for you to solve.
  • Practice Often-For the Second month follow a more tight schedule and focus only on those points which are crucial for bank exams. Try solving questions from each topic.
  • Self Evaluation- Now you should spend most of your time in evaluating yourself. Practice as much as you can and try to find out your mistakes. Work on them intensively.
  • Time Management- While you practice try to improve your speed and frame proper strategy for time management. Time plays a very important role in such exams. So make sure you give proper time in practising each of the sections.
  • Focus on Improving Speed- Once you know all the concepts try to work on your speed. Revise all the concepts that you have learnt in the first month. Implement them in your problem. If possible try to come up with short tricks or ways to reduce your timing and increase your speed especially in maths and reasoning.

  • Do not Neglect English and Banking- Most candidates often neglect these two sections as english is considered to be the most difficult of all and banking concepts are mostly avoided. But these two sections are the most scoring and not difficult at all. Its just that you need to give some time to these subjects. So instead of avoiding try to spend some more time after these subjects.
  • Prepare for Current Affairs- Questions on current affairs are very common in bank exams and they can help you score well. So make sure you know all the details regarding the recent happenings of the last three months. Some other topics like currency, Prime Minister and President, Countries and Capitals should also be practised as you can expect one or two questions from here. 
  • Practice Mock Tests- The last month should be only for better performance and just to polish your entire preparation. Always leave the last month before the examination just for your last minute preparations. So quickly revise everything you have learnt so far and simply keep practising.
  • Review your mock results- Once you are done with your mock tests spend a good amount of time to analyze those sections once again. Practise mocks everyday as the more you practise the better grip you will have during the exam. 
This would surely help you in your preparation for the next three months. Try to follow this for better results. But obviously do not keep studying the whole day and try to spent some time doing physical activities like exercise or play games so that you always have a fresh mind to retain more knowledge.
Keep following our channel and we are going to help you in your preparation for the upcoming Bank exams.
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