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How to Prepare English for Bank PO & IBPS Clerk Exams

How to Prepare English for Bank PO & IBPS Clerk Exams
How to Prepare English for IBPS Exams

There is a huge demand for banking jobs in India and lakhs of Students aspire for jobs in IBPS, SBI and other bank exams for PO, Clerk or other officer Posts. Also, a lot of vacancies do come out each year. However, in recent times we have seen reduced vacancies and as a result with the increased level of applications the competition has reached new heights. We often come across new questions and different patterns in almost all bank exams these days. It often gets quite difficult for us to cope up with this changing pattern and difficulty level. On top of all these troubles English is feared by many. So today we are going to share some information regarding the preparation strategy for Bank, IBPS and other SBI Exams.

How to Start ENGLISH Preparation ?

  • If you are preparing for English you should make all the efforts to master the subject rather than just targeting to clear the cutoffs. As papers are getting more difficult these days so we should prepare wisely.
  • Try to clear your basics in Grammar for all chapters like Tense, Noun, Verb, Preposition, Subject Verb Agreement, Voice and many more.
  • Once your basics are clear start practising questions from each of these chapters. Assess each exercise that you do as that will help you understand your level of preparation.
  • Try to follow the latest pattern. For example if you are preparing for an exam that is to be held on December then try following the papers of all the recent examinations to get an overall idea about the exam.
  • Once you know the type of questions which are commonly asked in such exams like Parajumble, Error Correction, Reading Passage, sentence fillers and many more then start preparing for each of these topics separately. 
  • Start reading newspaper regularly as that will help you to improve your performance in the examination and also clear all your basics.
  • Do not just read the newspaper but try to sort out all the problems that you are facing. Follow a dictionary to know the meanings of those terms which are difficult to understand.
  • Make a proper schedule so that you can cover all the topics in a day.
  • Keep separate timing for your mock tests. Try to complete your tests within the normal time limits of the exam.

  • Once you complete your mock test evaluate the entire paper and try to find those parts where you have problem. Once again start preparing and revising those topics properly.
  • Next to learn vocabulary you can also try other tactics like flash card where you write down the name of words on one side of a card and the meaning on the other side of the card. Go through them each and everyday whenever you are free. Soon you will realise that you are gradually learning the meanings of all the terms.
  • Chapters like Subject verb agreement and tense are very important as they needs to be used in almost all types of questions.
  • Start following a wide number of books for practise. No book is bad and so keep testing yourself with different kind of materials. But make sure they follow the new pattern.
  • For reading comprehension try to read fast. So when you prepare at your home give ample time to reading so that you make up a habit of fast reading.
  • Have some idea on banking topics and business and economy because the passages which are given in bank exams are mostly related to these.
  • Error corrections are quite difficult to understand so make sure you use all the rules you know while you prepare.
  • For questions on double fillers or close test read the passage carefully. In such cases when you are preparing if you come across any such word in the options which you are not aware of then try to go through their meaning. That would help you in many ways.
  • While you sit for the exam think very wisely before you answer. Try the elimination approach if necessary. 
We hope that these tips were useful and it would surely hep you in your preparation for bank exams. Keep following us for more such updates.
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