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Frequently Asked Questions on Banking Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions on Banking Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions on Banking Awareness

Solve the Daily Banking Awareness Quiz to be prepared for the upcoming IBPS PO / CLERK Mains and RBI exams. Here we are providing 15 Questions. You can practice these questions on daily basis. After Solving the Questions try to note down in your notebook. This Handwritten notes will help you in any banking exams. 
Q1.Which Bank has committed to fund Rs. 156 Crore for the "Namami Gange" Project ?
B]Yes Bank
C]Kotak Mahindra Bank
D]Axis Bank

Q2.The iGTB has signed a deal with which bank to integrate the previously seperated cash management platforms ?
B]Standard Chartered Bank
C]Bangkok Bank
D]Asian Development Bank
E]None of these

Q3.Which of the following Organizations has invested 1 Billion Dollar in India's Infrastructure Fund ?
D]World Bank
E]None of these

Q4.Which of the following exhibits the Industrial Exit Policy ?
A]It forces business units to move out of congested localities.
B]It forces the foreign companies to leave India.
C]It allows the business units to close down.
D]It allows manufactures to shift their line products.
E]None of these

Q5.The demand deposit liabilities of all commercial banks can decrease as the result of which of following ?
A]Increase in the security holdings.
B]The inflow of cash.
C]Decrease in the loans
D]The chasing of cheque by a firm or individual
E]None of these

Q6.Who recommended the concept of Narrow Banking ?
A]Nayak Committee
B]Khan Committee
C]Sodhani Committee
D]Tarapore and Narasimham Committee
E]None of these

Q7.Which is not a foreign aid component of a country ?
A]Multilateral Grant
B]Loans from international financial institutions
C]Bilateral Grant
D]Commercial borrowing
E]None of these

Q8.What is the effect on the Direct Tax share in gross tax revenue in India after liberalisation period ?
A]The shares of direct taxes is decreased.
B]The shares of direct taxes is increased.
C]The shares of direct taxes first is increased then decreased.
D]The shares of direct taxes remains same.
E]None of these

Q9.FINO stands for which of the following ?
A]Financial Initiative for Network Operations
B]Financial Information Network operation ltd
C]Fiscal Information Network Organization
D]Financial Integrated Network operation ltd
E]None of these

Q10.The Standby Letter of Credit is the substitute of which of the following ?
B]Advise Notes
C]Letter of Credit
D]All of these
E]None of these

Q11.Which of the following is denoted by the e-stamping ?
A]It denotes the doing away with the need of banks to brand stamps on negotiable instruments manually.
B]It denotes the sending message through e-mail, where no stamping is necessary.
C]It is replacement of the traditional system of affixing postal stamps in postal services.
D]It denotes replacing stamp duty required for payment of registration of properties and documents.
E]None of these

Q12.If government spends money that is freshly printed by RBI against the government securities,it must be kept in which ?
B]Fiscal Adjustment
C]Deficit Financing
D]Mandatory Spending
E]None of these

Q13.Which term is related to the Finance/ Banking ?

Q14.Who frames the Foreign Trade Policy ?
B]Exim Bank
D]Ministry of Commerce
E]None of these

Q15.Who sells the Treasury Bills in India ?
C]State Government
D]Central Government
E]None of these

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