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Current Affairs Quiz - 4th & 5th November 2017

Current Affairs Quiz - 4th & 5th November 2017

Current Affairs Quiz - 4th & 5th November 2017

Take Daily Updated Current Affairs Quiz to check your performance for Upcoming IBPS PO MAINS & IBPS Clerk Exams.  Today we Listed 10 questions with Answer Key & Solution to check your performance. Already we have launche Monthly Current Affairs INSHORTS & MCQ's in PDF. 

Q1. Recently was appointed as the new CFO of Paytm ?
A] Anjani Srivastav 
B] Rohini Aggarwal 
C] Darshan Jain 
D] Sudhanshu Jain 
E] None of these 

Q2. Which City to Get India's first black buck conservation reserves ?
A] Ahmedabad 
B] Himachal Pradesh 
C] Sikkim 
D] Allahabad 
E] Both A & C 

Q3. What is the theme of the 3rd Worlds Largest Book fair which was opened in Sarjahan as in UAE ?
A] A Life of Books 
B] Encourage people, Encourage Skill 
C] Sustainable Life 
D] A Life History of Books 
E] A World in My Books 

Q4. “PRABAL DOSTYK-16” a joint Millitary Exercise between which two country ?
A] India & Pakistan 
B] India & China 
C] India & Nepal 
D] India & Kazakhastan 
E] India & USA 

Q5. In which State the Border Road Organisation has built the World's highest motorable road ?
A] Punjab 
B] Assam 
C] Jammu & Kashmir 
D] Himachal Pradesh 
E] West Bengal 

Q6. Recently RBI on 3rd November 2017 lauched a legal entity identification unique code to identify the worldwide financial Transactions, How many digits are there in the Unique code ?
A] 15 
B] 17 
C] 20 
D] 23 
E] 25 

Q7. Name the country which unveiled Asia's largest artificial island-building ship. The 140-metre-long vessel, which has been dubbed as "magic island maker" ?
A] India 
B] China 
D] Pakistan 
E] North Korea 

Q8. What is the name of the World's longest dolphin which was kept in captivity aquarium in Japan after her death ?
A] Mayur 
B] Lexin 
C] Flamox 
D] Nana 
E] Changu 

Q9. Serzh Sargsyan was newly appointed as the President of which country ?
A] Afghanistan 
B] Armenia 
C] Kirzistan 
D] Uzbekistan 
E] Zordan 

Q10. Which bank was recently get approval from RBI to operate as Scheduled Commercial Bank ?
A] Bhartiya Mahila Bank 
B] State Bank of India 
C] Paytm Payment Bank 
D] Airtel Payment Bank 
E] AU Small Finance 

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