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Banking Practice Set For IBPS Clerk Exams

Banking Practice Set For IBPS Clerk Exams

Banking Practice Set For IBPS Clerk Exams

Here is a set of all important questions related to banking awareness. You must pratice the Banking Awareness Quiz to be prepared for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Mains 2017-2018, RBI Assistant Exams. Also we explained the answer with required details. You can check out the Explanations are given to help you to understand the answers in proper order. Now Start solving 15 Questions a day on Bannking awareness. 
Q1.Which of the following also refers to the Floating Exchange Rate ?
A]Controlled Exchange Rate
B]Real Exchange Rate
C]Flexible Exchange Rate
D]Fixed Exchange Rate
E]None of these

Q2.Which Negotiable Instrument can be crossed to a bank ?
A]Bills of Exchange
D]All of these
E]None of these

Q3.What is the minimum period for issuing the Certificates of Deposits ?
A]45 days
B]3 Months
C]4 Months
D]6 Months
E]1 year

Q4.Which of the following denotes the Capital Adequacy Ratio for the Commercial Banks ?
A]Ratio of capital to advances
B]Ratio of capital to short-term deposits
C]Ratio of capital to non-performing assets
D]Ratio of capital to risk-weighted assets
E]None of these

Q5.SIPs can be operated in the mode of which of the following ?
A]Small Savings Schemes in Post Officers
B]Mutual Funds
C]National Saving Certificates
D]National Pension Fund
E]None of these

Q6.Which of the following Banks used tiny cards in the Bio-metric identification as the part of the financial inclusion ?
B]Yes Bank
D]Axis Bank

Q7.Forced Savings refers to which of the following ?
A]Compulsory deposits imposed on income tax payers
B]Provident fund contributions of private sector employees
C]Taxes on individual income & wealth
D]Reduction of consumption consequent to a rise in prices
E]None of these

Q8.Which can reduce the capacity of credit creation of Commercial Banks ?
B]Time and Demand Deposits
C]Cash in hand
D]Both A and B
E]All of these

Q9.From which of the following provides the gain in trade result ?
A]Reallocation of the existing goods between two countries.
B]Exporting and receiving gold in highest possible amount.
C]One country receiving both of the imports and exports
D]The fact which exchange brings both of the specialization and reallocation of more output and increased welfare in each country
E]None of these

Q10.Which of the following refers to the NPA of a commercial bank ?
A]For the loan interest/installment has remained unpaid after due date
B]Their loans Fetching very low rate of Interests
C]The loans Given to sick industrial units
D]The loans have not been disbursed at all
E]None of these

Q11.RTGS stands for which of the following ?
A]Real Transfer Gross Settlement
B]Real Time Gain Settlement
C]Real Time Gross Settlement
D]Reversed Time Gross Settlement
E]None of these

Q12.Which scheme is related to Financial Inclusion ?
E]None of these

Q13.PCR refers to which of the Banking terms ?
A]Provision Credit Ratio
B]Provision Cash Ratio
C]Provision Coverage Ratio
D]Profit Credit Ratio
E]None of these

Q14.GST has replaced which of the following taxes ?
B]Income Tax
C]Corporate Tax
D]All of these
E]None of these

Q15.In which year the MUDRA Bank is founded ?

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