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1000 General Knowledge (GK) Questions for SSC CHSL 2017

1000 General Knowledge (GK) Questions for SSC CHSL 2017

1000 General Knowledge (GK) Questions for SSC CHSL 2017

Today we are sharing you the most common and frequently asked questions for SSC CHSL (10+2). This PDF Materials contains 1000 General Knowledge (GK) Pratice Questions for SSC CHSL(10+2) Level Exams 2017. This Materials will also help you in Railway or any Other Examinations in comming days. You need to go through these all 1000's questions and after few days we will launch Part 2. We request all of you to read this PDF Throughly & Never Ever Try to skip any single questions if you want to clear your cutoff. 

Here is the Top 100 Sample Questions with Solution: 
  • Pencillin is extracted from Fungus
  • Which is the effect of antigen in an ill person ? It prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Which among the following helps in circulation of blood ? Blood platelets
  • Which among the following ele-ments increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants ?Boron
  • For which Diode is used ? Purification
  • In which of the following styles of dance the story/theme is always taken from Mohabharata nd Ramayana ? Mohiniattam
  • Which among the following is the popular dance form of Maharashtra’s musical theature ?Lavini
  • Who among the following devel oped the technology of under ground nuclear explosion ?Dr. Homi J. Bhabha
  • Which among the following was the first satellite launched by Indian Space Research Organisation? Aryabhatta
  • When Mahatma Gandhi was ar rested who among the following took over the leadership of Salt Satyagraha ? Abbas Taiybjee
  • In which seassion of Congress the demand of “Poorna Swaraj” was accepted as the aim of the Congress ? Lahore

  • Who was the leader of the Bar doli Satyagraha ? Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
  • Where is island of Man located ? Between Northern
  • Which among the following types of coal produces most heat per unit ? Anthracite
  • Which among the following waves is used for communication by artificial satellites ?Micro waves
  • In which of the gollowing we find difference in the sounds made by sitar and veena ?Micro waves
  • Which among the following state ments is not correct ? Sound travels faster in vacuum than in air
  • What happens when a ray of light enters slab of glass from air ? Its wavelength decreases
  • Due to which reason the larger iceberg melts down from lower surface instead of upper surface ?Due to more pressure in lower surface the melting point of ice decreases.
  • Which among the following states has the best facility of hospitals ? Kerala
  • Where is Muslim mosque situated where a hair of pagamber Mohammad Saheb has been pre served ? Srinagar
  • Which wood will become us less soon after exposing in the open air ? Wet wood 
  • Which among the following is a large spectrum Anpicillin? Ampicillin
  • What is found in frequency modulation? Fixed dimension
  • When the speed of car is doubled then what will be the braking force of the car to  stop it in the same distance ? Four times
  • The dimension of which of the following is the same as that of inpulse? Momentum
  • Which among the following is the fundamental quantity ? Time
  • Baryllium Sulphate is less soluble in water due to High inflammable energy
  • What is the name of that system, which uses radioactivity to decide the period of materials of-pre-historic period? Carbon dating
  • Cement is made hard with Dehydration
  • When a ring of metal is heated what happens to its hole ? Expands
  • If the diameter of a capillary is doubled, then the rise of water in it will be Half
  • Why the needle of iron swims on water surface when it is kept gently? Due to surface tension
  • The mass of a star is stwo times the mass of the Sun. How it will come to an end? Neutron Star
  • Rain drops fall from great height. Which among the following statements is true regarding it?They fall with that ultimate velocity , which are different for different droplets
  • Which among the following is the least corrupt country according to Transparency International ? New Zealand
  • Which among the following policy of Life Insurance Company is related to regular old-age pen sion? None of these
  • Which among the following writs comes into the category of public litigation petition before High Court or Supreme Court ? Against a general topic
  • On the administered price of which of the following articies no subsidy is given ? ATF
  • Which among the following statements is not true when there is an increase in interest rate in an economy ? Increase in capital return
  • What happens when a chemical bond is formed ? Energy in always released
  • Our bones and teeth are generally made of- Tricalcium phosphate
  • World Buddhist Property Organisation is situated at Zeneva
  • When did China start the Civil Services Examinations ? 6 A.D
  • Which among the following is the most competitive country, according to World Economic Fo-rum ? Singapore
  • Where was the first regular session of UN General Assembly held? London
  • Angora wool is extracted from- Goat
  • Which of the following diseases affects women easily than that of men ? Arthritis
  • On which of the following techniques photostate machine works ? Electrostatic image-Making
  • How the interest-level of a country is affected by FDI ? Decreases
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