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World Bank Groups & Its Function - Part 1

World Bank Groups & Its Function

World Bank Groups & Its Function

  • The World Bank is a Global Financial Organization which provides fund to the developing countries to perform various development programs.
  • It was created at the “Bretton Woods Conference” in the month of July of 1944.
  • The head-quarter of the World Bank is situated in Washington D.C of USA.
  • The organization is created to meet the purpose of “Reduction of Poverty” throughout the world.
  • The current President of World Bank is Jim Young Kim.
  •  At present 188 countries are the members of the World Bank.
  • The World Bank is the member of both of the World Bank Group and United Nations Development Group.
  • It is comprised of two organizations i.e. International Development Association (IDA) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).
  • The President of World Bank is selected from the largest shareholder.
  • The President is assisted by other members who are represented by the Board of Governors.
  • To be a member of the World Bank, a country must purchase the shares of the “World Bank Group” according to the rules, regulations and agreements.
  • US, France, Germany, UK and Japan are the Biggest Shareholders of World Bank Group.
  • Every biggest Shareholder country has an Executive Director.
  • The management of World Bank Group includes the Board of Executive Directors, Board of Governors, Advisory Committee, Loan Committee, President and other members.
  • The “Board of Governors” of World Bank Group consists of one Governor (Minister of Finance of that particular country) and one Alternate Governor (Central Bank Governor).
  • The Governors are appointed by every member country for 5 years term.
  • The Governor can vote according to the financial contribution to the total capital of the Bank.
  • The Board must meet every month to perform its duties.
  • The Board of Executive Directors gives appointment to the President.
  • The total number of Executive Directors is 21. Out of which 6 are appointed by US, UK, France, Germany and Japan (largest shareholders).
  • The remaining members are appointed by the other member countries of the World Bank Group.
  • The meeting of the Executive Directors must be held in every month to continue the regular work.
  • The Loan Committee and Advisory Committee help the World Bank to execute its duty properly.
  • The Advisory Committee has 7 experts who are appointed by the Board of Governors.
  • The Executive Directors form the Loan Committee which provides loan according to the economies of the member countries.
  • One country can be the member of the World Bank Group after getting approval by the 75% of all member countries.
  • A member nation can resign from the membership of the World Bank Group voluntarily or in case of any violation of the rules of the Bank.

Functions of World Bank -
  • The World Bank provides fund to reconstruct and develop the member nations.
  • It can spread the peace throughout the world on the basis of the financial terms.
  • It provides help to redevelop the nations which are destroyed by several wars.
  • It helps to the developing and less developed countries by providing fund to them.
  • It promotes the balanced growth of the International trade.
  • It promotes the private investment from foreign countries.
  • It maintains the equilibrium of payments of the member countries.
  • It helps to increase the standard of living and labour conditions of the developing and developed countries.
  • The money provided by the World Bank is invested only for the productive purposes.
  • It also provides several technical services to the member countries. A training center and a staff College are also developed by the World Bank to meet this purpose.
  • It can provide loan up to 25% of the share of that particular country.
  • The interest rate and loan amount along with the terms and conditions are made by the World Bank.
  • The borrower countries have to repay the loan by either in Reserve Currencies or in that currency in which the loan is given.
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