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Tips and Tricks to Solve New Pattern Cloze Test

Tips and Tricks to Solve New Pattern Cloze Test
Tips and Tricks to Solve New Pattern Cloze Test

The bank exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RBI and RRB exams are approaching. So, it is obvious that you people must be preparing well from now on. As we know English has been quite a tough section for many and today once again we have come up with some of the best tips and tricks to help you excel in this section. 
Today we are going to talk about Passage Fillers / Cloze Test or Fill in the blanks. In such type of questions you will be provided with a passage with some blanks and around five options against that blank. You will have to select the most suitable word from the option that will fit best into the passage and form a complete meaning.
Now, candidates often face hard times choosing the correct option. In fact it is quite common that you are confused about how to prepare before the exam or rather ways to improve your performance.
Things to do:
  • Initially we could expect questions on cloze test but now this is quite uncommon. According to latest patterns questions are quite different now. So, when you are answering try to read the entire passage with the blanks.
  • Try to understand the theme of the passage. If one reading isn't enough try another time. But be sure you have good speed because you won't have much time to waste on reading a passage.
  • Next step would be to check the options for each blank. Use your grammar rules to find out which one can be the most suitable answer.
  • You can expect words related to noun, verb, tense or preposition to fit in the blanks. So, having a sound knowledge about basic grammar is important.
  • If you are not sure of the rules try to eliminate those words which you are sure that won't be a good fit in the sentence.
  • It might be that you are confused about the answer. In such cases try to look for such words in the option which are quite common and matches with the tone or structure of the sentence. For example, I asked Rima," Hey! Whats' up?" So in this sentence we know that the word 'up' shall be the most appropriate.
  • Some of the blanks may have a word and the options are generally a synonym or antonym of that particular word. So try to understand the pattern before you answer.
  • Once you have chosen your option try to read out the entire sentence after replacing the word in the blank to be sure that the sentence is sounding correct. You will often be able to tell whether the answer is right just by figuring out the tone of the sentence.
  • You can see that often the blank is right at the beginning of the sentence. In such cases read the previous sentence and try to link it with the present one. This can help you find out a linking word that fits in appropriately and forms a meaningful sentence.
  • It would be advisable not to read the passage again at the end because if we think practically you will end up losing a lot of time in that case. You can do that only when you are practising and never during the exam.
  • Try to read the passage twice- once at the beginning and once again read the sentence independently along with the previous sentence, if necessary, only while you are checking the options for each of the blanks separately. 
  • As per Our Previous Experience we can say Most Questions were asked from Preposition. You can Go through the PDF Properly. In which we clearly Schedule How to go through these 12 Pages File.  

How Should you Prepare?
  • The most basic thing about starting your preparation is by clearing your concepts on grammar. For passage related questions, verb, noun, tense, preposition, and conjunction plays a very important role.
  • If you have good reading skills it can be an added benefit while you are solving such questions. While others can read the passage twice, you can read it a third time, thus increasing your chances of scoring well.  
  • Reading newspaper or english articles can be a great way to improve reading skills. That can enhance your vocabulary as well.
  • Candidates can themselves come up with different kind of strategies suitable for themselves that can help them in their studies.
  • Everyday one mock test should be practised to keep a check on their level of improvement. 
Now, let's try solving a passage using these tricks.
Direction (Q.1 - Q.10): A passage has been given below with blanks and each blank have some options. You need to find out the correct option from the given options.

It’s true that we are going through a period of ___(1)___ technological change, with data, algorithms and automation uniting to ____(2)____ much of what we currently take for granted. That is not ___(3)___– it’s for real. As we live and breathe, we excrete data trails that giant web crawlers digest into business opportunities that neither we nor our government can grasp. Brains far bigger than ours are working to __(4)__ everything we do, whether it’s kicking a football or___(5)___ with a sick friend.
Yes, there is a chance that all these changes will end up making our lives worse. That future generations will inhabit a ___(6)__ society in which humans are controlled by jailers they have bought – smartphones – while an army of slave robots maintains a narrow ___(7)__ in ___(8)___luxury.
But it does not have to be that way. There are choices to be made, and we can make them well – if, instead of ___(9)___ scared, we face up to the responsibilities of this new era.
In other words, we need to establish a social __(10)__ that defines our relationship with technology. It should start with the question: who is in charge?

Solution: Option B is correct as it can be understood from the options that all the words are synonyms of the word intense. However, they don't form a proper meaning or tone of the sentence.

Solution: Option A is correct because though the other words have close meaning to the one given but is not exactly right for the sentence.

Solution: Option C is correct because the sentence in the passage means to talk about promotion or show off.

E. repulse
Solution: Option C is correct as the word simply means to say duplicate or to copy. That can be easily understood by reading the current sentence with its previous one.

Solution: Option E is correct as it fits well in the sentence forming a perfect meaning.

Solution: Option E is correct because it simply means maintenance which is reflected through the word .

Solution: Option E is correct as all other options are antonyms of the given word.

Solution:Option C is correct as all other words are antonyms of the given word.

Solution: Option C is correct as here running means to flee.

Solution: Option E is correct as here compact means a union or togetherness which have not been reflected well through the other options.

We hope these tips and tricks would help you alot. If you like our content do not forget to subscribe our website and also download Exam360 Android App for More Tips & Tricks. We will be bringing in more articles for you soon. So keep following us.

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