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Uses of Preposition - Rules of English Grammar

Uses of Preposition - Rules of English Grammar
Uses of Preposition - Rules of English Grammar

English Grammar can be the essential tool if you are preparing for upcoming IBPS, SBI and other Banking exams.  The English Study Notes from Achiever's Rule are very important for the aspirants. Some words suit with particular prepositions after them. Here Some Examples of Appropriate Prepositions are discussed.
  • Unaware of - I was totally unaware of the condition. 
  • Uncalled for - The child was left uncalled for. 
  • Uneasy about- I am uneasy about the effect of his action.
  • Unequal to - He is unequal to these tasks. 
  • Union with - I seek union with Ruby with whom I quarreled. 
  • Unite with - I am now united with whom. 
  • United to - She is united in marriage to the doctor. 
  • Urge upon - We urged the point upon his consideration. 
  • Used to - He is used to such hardships. 
  • Useful to(a person), for (a purpose) - The book is useful to students for their exams. 
  • Use of, for - What is the use of it?/ I have no use for it. 
  • Vain of - She is vain of her dress. 
  • Versed in - He is well versed in politics. 
  • Vest (a power) in( a person) with (a power) - That power is vested in me. / I was vested with that power. 

  • Victim of - He was a victim of the earthquake disaster. 
  • Victim to - He died as a victim to his own folly. 
  • Vie with, in- They vied with (competed) with one another in their eagerness to honour me. 
  • Vital to - Proper rest is vital to his health. 
  • (In) view (of) - In view of what you say, I am sorry this time. 
  • Void of - Your remark is void of any meaning. 
  • Vulnerable to - He is vulnerable(not protected against attack) to criticism. 
  • Want of, in - I have no want of money. / He is wanting in common sense. 
  • Wait for (a person), at ( a place), upon (attend) - She is waiting for her friend at the bus-stop./ I waited upon the guest. 
  • Warn (a person) of (danger), against ( a person or a thing or a doing) - I warned him of this danger. / I warned him against his enemy. 
  • Weak of ( understanding), in (mind) - He is weak in mind and of intelligence. 
  • Wink at - Do not wink at your son's fault. 
  • Wish for - I wished for the change in my life. 
  • Wonder at - We wondered at his ignorance. 
  • Witness against, to , of - He will act as the witness against the doctor./ He is a living witness of my loyalty. / His clothes are the witness to his poverty. 
  • Yield to - The rebel yielded(surrendered) to the king. 
  • Zest for - I have no zest for (interest) work now.
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