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Role and Function of Constitutional Bodies in India

Role and Function of Constitutional Bodies in India

Role and Function of Constitutional Bodies in India

Election Commission:
Election commission was introduced in India on 25 Jan in 1950. Article 324 defined the power of superintendence, state legislatures, the office of the President, vice president of India. Election Commission is common to both the Central government and the state governments. Election commission is not arranged the elections to panchayats and municipalities in the state. For state government of India provides separate state election commission.
The following composition of election commission is given below:
  • Election commissioner consists of Chief election commissioner and such number of other election commissioners.
  • President will give the appointment to the chief election commissioners and other election commissioners.
  • The chief election commissioners shall act as the chairman of the election commissions when any
  • other election commissioners are appointed.
  • Election commissioners and the other regional commissioner’s service condition and tenure of office shall be determined by the President.
Functions and Powers of election commissioner:
The constitution of India has to giving the followings power regard to elections to the parliament, office of the President, Vice-President and state legislative, these should be classified into three categories i.e., Advisory, Administrative, Quasi-Judicial.

Union Public Service Commission:
the Union Public Service Commission is an independent constitutional body ant is the central recruiting agency in India which describes in articles 315 to 323 in Part XIV of the constitution, contains the following activities are composition, appointment and removal of members along with the independence, powers and the functions.

UPSC articles at a glance:
Article No
Public service commission for the Union and for the states
Appointment and term of office of members
Removal and suspension of a member of a Public Service Commission
Power to make regulations as to conditions of service of members
Prohibition as to the holding of office by members of commission on ceasing to be such members
Functions of Public Service Commissions
Power to extend functions of Public Service Commissions
Expanses of Public Service Commissions
Reports of Public Service Commission

Finance Commission:
Finance commission is constituted by the president. Article 280 of constitution defined for a finance commission as a quasi judicial body. Its consists of a chairman and four other members, who are appointed by the President and hold office which is specified by the president.

Fully and final recommendation of taxes to be shared between the centre and the states and allocation between the states shares of such proceeds.

Article related to Finance Commission

Article No
Subject Matter
Finance Commission
Recommendation of the Finance Commission

Article related to National Commission for SCs and STs

Article No
Subject Matter
Reservation of seats foe SC and ST
Representation of the Anglo-Indian community in the house of the people
Reservation of seats for schedule castes and scheduled tribes in the legislative assemblies of the states
Representation of the Anglo-Indian community in the legislative assemblies of the states
Reservation of seats and special representation to cease after cease after seventy years
Claims of scheduled castes and schedule tribes to services and posts
Special provision for Anglo-Indian in certain services
Special provision with respect to educational grants the benefit of Anglo-Indian community.
National Commission for scheduled castes
338 A
National Commission for scheduled tribes
Control of the Union over the administration of scheduled areas and the welfare of scheduled tribes
Appointment of a commission to investigate the condition of backward classes
Scheduled castes
Scheduled tribes
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