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Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojona - An Overview

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojona - An Overview
Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojona - An Overview

Indian Economy is much dependent on agriculture. The farmers of India used to face huge loss due to the crop failure by the inadequate irrigation and less rainfall. To overcome this problem, Government of India launched a new scheme named as Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchay Yojona to bring various ministries under one umbrella to use and recycle water. Under this scheme, the farmers of India would get a permanent solution from the drought by congregating major investments in irrigation sector. 
Objectives of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojona-
  • To help in the water budgeting for household, industry and agriculture purpose.
  • To enhance the accessibility of water on farm field and expand the cultivable area through assured irrigation.
  • To integrate the source, distribution and efficient use of water through various practices and technologies.
  • To improve the efficiency of use of the farm water by reducing wastage.
  • To increase the adoption of the “More Crop Per drop” water saving technologies and various practices of irrigation.
  • To introduce the sustainable practices for the water conservation.
  • To ensure the development of rain fed areas by using the watershed approaches towards the water and soil conservation, ground water regeneration. 
  • To promote extension activities of water harvesting, crop alignment and water management for farmers and the field workers of grass root level.
  • To attract more private investment in irrigation.
  • To explore the feasibility to reuse the municipal waste water for peri-urban agriculture.

Features of the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojona-
  • The scheme creates irrigation sources and also creates protected irrigation through harnessing the rainwater by ‘Jal Sanchay’ and ‘Jal Sinchan’ mission at the micro level.
  • This scheme is implemented by combining three projects of Ministry of Agriculture (“Farm Water Management project of the National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture”), Ministry of Water Resources (“Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Program”) and Ministry of Rural Development(“Integrated Watershed Management Program”) while it is led by the Ministry of Water Resources.
  • Government has allocated Rs. 50,000 Crore for five years for developing the complete supply chain of irrigation, distribution network, water resources and solutions of the farm level application to meet the purpose providing water to every farm.
  • The scheme promotes micro-irrigation in the form of rain-guns, drips, sprinklers etc. The micro irrigation saves water and reduces the use of the harmful fertilizers to a certain level.
  • The scheme must be implemented by adopting the decentralized planning and project based execution in state level which would allow these states to draw the irrigation development plans based on blocks/districts within a time period of 5 - 7 years. 
  • All States and the Union Territories of India including the North Eastern States would be covered under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojona.
  • The National Steering Committee chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi would provide the policy direction and the National Executive Committee chaired by the Vice Charman of Niti Aayog would oversee the overall implementation of the program at national level.
  • Under PMKSY , the share of the state Government is 25% and rest is done by the center. In case of the north-eastern states the contribution by state government must be 10%.
According to the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh, the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojona must bring the rural prosperity. It is expected that this scheme would complete the 99 irrigation projects which cover approximately 76.03 lakh hectares in phased manner within December 2019.
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