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Lists of Preposition - English Grammar Rules

Lists of Preposition - English Grammar Rules

Lists of Preposition - English Grammar Rules

English Grammar is an important part of your preparation for upcoming IBPS and other Banking exams.  The English Study Notes from Achiever's Rule must be followed the aspirants. Some words suit with particular prepositions after them. Here Some Examples of Appropriate Prepositions are discussed.

  • Specific for, against – What is the specific for the poison ? / There is no specific against the cancer. 
  • Spite against (hatred and anger) – He has a spite against me. 
  • Stain upon, with, in – Your action is a stain upon your character. / The cloth was stained with ink. / Stain the glass in blue. 
  • Stand on, by, in, to, for, at – He stood on the stage. / He stands by what he has said. / He stands in the street. / He stands on his rights. / It stands to reason. / You should stand for your friends. / He stands at attention. 
  • Stare at (a person) – He stared at me. 
  • Start for, from (a place), at – He started from home for Delhi. / He started at my sudden entrance.
  • Startled at (surprised) – She was startled at the sight. 
  • Stick at (nothing), to (a thing) – He sticks at nothing to gain his point. 

  • Stoop to (lower myself) – I cannot stoop to such meanness. 
  • Strange to – Her name is strange to me.
  • Stripped of – He was stripped of all powers. 
  • Submit to – The rebels are submitted to the king.
  • Subject of, for – What is the subject of/ for inquiry? 
  • Subject to – The offenders are subjected to death.
  • Subordinate to (lower in position) – She is subordinate to me in the office. 
  • Subscribe to – He subscribes to the online magazine. 
  • Subsequent to – This happened subsequent to my departure. 
  • Subsist on (live by eating) – The mosquitoes subsist on blood. 
  • Succeed to (a property), in (an object) – He succeeds to his father’s estates./ He succeeded in his objects. 
  • Succumb to – The person succumbed to injuries. 
  • Sufficient for – This amount is sufficient for our need. 
  • Suffer from (disease), for (misdeed) – I am suffering from Malaria. / You must suffer for your misdeeds. 
  • Superior to – He is superior to me in all respects. 
  • Supplement to – This volume is supplement to that. 
  • Suited to, for – Your remark is not suited to the occasion. / He was not suited for the post. 
  • Sure of – I am sure of my success.
  • Surety for – I stand surety for him. 
  • Suspect of – I suspect him of treachery. 
  • Sympathy for, with – I have no sympathy for / with him. 
  • Suspicious of – I am suspicious of her motive.

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