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Talking ATM For Visually Challenged - Important Points

Talking ATM For Visually Challenged - Important Points

Talking ATM For Visually Challenged

Quick Points

First Talking ATM in India established
Union Bank of India (Union Bank)
City gets first Talking ATM
State gets first Talking ATM
Talking ATM has special kind of Special Interface
Voice Interface
Talking ATM Specially designed for
Blind People
The second bank to launch Talking ATM in India
State Bank of India (SBI)
First Talking ATM inaugurate by
Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of UBI, D Sarkar

Brief Description
  • Today, thousands of ATMs in India are being deployed in different parts of the country. These Talking ATMs are provided to provide customer service to people with blindness for independent ATM transactions, including confidentiality and security. 
  • These ATMs are included and used by blind people as sightings. Talking ATMs are equipped with speech texts that provide voice instructions which enable blind to perform their ATM transactions. ATMs provide explicit voice guidance through the user's hat, equipped with audio jacks and to prevent others for transaction hearings. ATMs hide ATM screens by hiding any other important security option (not showing its screen) for users to talk. It's easy to follow the voice guidelines to follow the guidelines in the form of Interactive Voice Feedback (IVR) form. 
  • Using ATMs to talk about blinds, they can use their ATM keypad and use their preferred transactions. Each speaker has a universal earphone jack on ATM which can be adjusted to all 3.5mm headphones. It is recommended by the bank that a user will have to carry his own ink for access to a talking ATM. 
  • On June 6th, 2012, Union Bank of India unveiled the truly accessible and talking ATM for the first time in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Nepal and physical competition. Union Bank's Talking ATM Model and Workflow, which played a leading role in Talking ATM Front in India, set a benchmark for banking fraternity in India. The bank develops and promotes access to accessible ATMs in Davies, Electronic Braille and Accessible PDF formats. Accessible Guidelines can be downloaded from the Manuel Union Bank's website. 
  • On October 4, 2012, the largest public sector bank of India, Bank State Bank of India, launched its first real talking ATM in New Delhi. According to SBI's Annual Report 2015-16, State Bank has implemented a large range of Talking ATMs in the State Bank of India, "Talking ATMs have been activated for more than 1153 ATM spectacularly disabled people in the fiscal year 2015. Thus, the total number of talking ATMs increased to 9753 on March 31, 2016 Adding each new machine has been associated with this feature of the autobiography Our priority is very much, our ATMs provide an easy access to 3734 physically challenged people. 
  • Where possible, shield or side railing are being provided. "In the beginning of 2014, the Corporation Bank ATMT was established for the blind and Bank of Baroda was launched in 2013. Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank HSBC and ICICI Bank have set up various Talking ATMs for the blind. Regional Rural Bank has established the Rural Bank Talking ATM. 
  • This initiative is a voluntary and non-commercial / non-profitable effort on 'Talking ATM India Locator' website. There are currently 11,037 Talking India ATM Administrators in 9 ATMs in the ATM Site Search Database. Some banks have listed their talking ATM location on their website and others have been formally shared with us for the database creation of this site. Our main idea is to develop all the Talking ATMs database in India established by Nationalized, Private, Foreign and Cooperative Banks. This website is a fast and easy search tool for predominantly different platforms and devices.
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