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Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona - A Development Initiative

Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona - A Development Initiative
Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona - An Overview

The freedom-fighters of India played a significant role to achieve the independence from the British rule. But the villages of the renowned freedom- fighters are being neglected even after long time since independence. To develop these villages and provide the villagers all the essential amenities for their livelihood, the state Government of Jharkhand has launched a new scheme. The scheme is named as “Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona”. The scheme was inaugurated by the BJP President Amit Shah in Ulihatu village of Jharkhand. The Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das was also present in that event.
Objectives of Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona :
  • To develop the villages of the Freedom-fighters of India.
  • To provide the basic facilities to the villagers and family members of the Freedom-fighters like Birsa Munda, Nilamber-Pitamber and Siddo-kanu.
  • To pay tribute to these freedom-fighters for their contribution in the freedom struggle of India.

Facts About Birsa Munda:
  • Birsa Munda was an Indian tribal freedom-fighter, folk hero and religious leader of the Munda tribe.
  • He fought various movements against the British Government in the late 19th century.
  • He was the only tribal freedom-fighter whose portrait is hung in the central hall of the Parliament of India.
Key Features of the Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona:
  • Under this scheme, the villages of the tribal freedom-fighters would be developed by the Government and the villagers would be provided various essential facilities.
  • The respective villages of Birsa Munda and other freedom-fighters have remained neglected and inaccessible for a very long time even after the independence. The Maoist activities and leftwing extremism in these areas are the main reason of the under-development.
  • The new scheme would provide the inhabitants of the village Ulihatu with 136 Pucca or well-built houses.
  • Each of the houses would consist two rooms, bathroom, verandah and a toilet.
  • The gas connections would be given to the family members of the famous freedom-fighters. Solar lamps would be provided to the descendants of these leaders.
  • Amit Shah has planted saplings at that site along with the Chief Minister of Jharkhand.
  • The 136 affordable houses would be provided by the Jharkhand Welfare Department.
  • The Development Commissioner would be the Chairman of the State Planning Committee. He has already approved Rs. 30 Crore for this purpose.
  • The villages of Birsa Munda, Siddo-Kanhu-Chand-Bhairav, Veer-Buddha-Bhagat, Nilamber-Pitamber, Jatara Tana Bhagat etc. would be developed under this scheme.
  • The houses of these selected freedom-fighters would be constructed at the cost of 2.63 Lakhs.
  • The people, who live in the raw houses, would also get benefits of the Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona.
  • Other facilities like roads, drains, anganwadi centers, community centers and various physical resources would be provided to the villages.
According to the BJP leader Amit Shah, not only Jharkhand but also India is grateful to Birsa Munda and other tribal freedom-fighters for their sacrifice and contribution in the freedom struggle of India. The initiative taken by the Government to develop these tribal villages is the small attempt to pay tribute to them.
Key Points to Remember
  • The state Government of Jharkhand has launched “Shaheed Grameen Vikas Yojona” to develop these villages.
  • The scheme was inaugurated by the BJP President Amit Shah in Ulihatu village.
  • Under this scheme, the family members and villagers of the freedom-fighters like Birsa Munda would get the benefit.
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