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New Pattern Sentence Completion: IBPS PO Exams

New Pattern Sentence Completion: IBPS PO Exams

New Pattern English Quiz: Sentence Completion

Direction (Q.1 - Q.10.) The Last Sentence has been deleted from the paragraph. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.
Question 1.
The Union government, which opposed privacy as a fundamental right, must now convince SC that collection of biometric data and Aadhaar use in welfare schemes and weeding out fraudulent PAN cards serve legitimate public purposes. The judgment reiterates that privacy is not absolute and balance must be struck between individual interests and legitimate aims like national security, criminal investigations, encouraging innovation and preventing leakages. 

1.But the tendency to wrest ownership of data away from individuals and expand Aadhaar to every conceivable arena must now surmount the privacy check. Governments, corporations and individuals must fall in line.
2.Nevertheless, the verdict has wide implications.
3.This is a clear failure of the Haryana government to maintain law and order.
4.For women coping with marital, divorce, inheritance and alimony disputes, vacuum in the statute on grounds of primacy of personal laws is a gross violation of Article 14.
5.None of These
Question 2.
This is a clear failure of the Haryana government to maintain law and order. The Punjab and Haryana high court slammed the local administration for allowing such a large number of dera followers to gather, noting the complete lack of will power among police to prevent them. The government allowed a situation to be created where mobile internet and SMSes have been restricted, trains to Punjab and Haryana have been cancelled, and schools and businesses have been shut. 

1. Such disruption to normal life – because the Haryana administration treats the head of a cult with kid gloves – is ridiculous.
2.Violence by dera members after the court verdict has already claimed at least 31 lives with reports of arson also coming in from Delhi.
3.The government should also allow banks to rework their recruitment practices and pay scales as they need to attract the best talent in the job market.
4.It has its reflection in India as well.
5.None of These

Question 3.
But UCC seems tough to achieve in today’s fractious political climate. To bring it closer, every party must drop the selective secularism it currently practises and move towards genuine secularism. This responsibility falls especially heavily on BJP and NDA as they are politically dominant in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is best placed in decades to take the initiative. 

1.He has parliamentary backing and his party manifesto promised a UCC if elected. But Modi must first win minority backing by propounding an inclusive agenda in all walks of public life.
2.All three judgments on triple talaq conducted their own inquiries into Muslim laws
3.The majority verdict attempts a delicate balancing act between individual rights
4.However, his track record in turning the mass mover into an efficient and safe outfit has been below expectations so far.
5.None of These

Question 4.
NDA has promised to recapitalise its loss making banks and merge some of the weaker ones with sound banks. This is inadequate to deal with a systemic problem where banks flounder once every decade. Recapitalisation, therefore, must be accompanied by deeper banking reforms or else hapless taxpayers will soon be presented with another bailout bill. 

1.The primary cause for the current state of affairs is government’s majority stake in banks. This forces public sector banks to deal with an additional regulatory layer in the form of the finance ministry.
2.The government should also allow banks to rework their recruitment practices and pay scales as they need to attract the best talent in the job market.
3.Many of the men who came to look at her may be incapable of mentioning her without a bawdy joke.
4.Financial results of public sector banks for April-June quarter show that they remain fragile.
5.None of These

Question 5.
Obama’s Afpak policy didn’t work for a number of reasons. Announcing deadlines for a drawdown made it easy for the Taliban to wait out the Americans. Secondly, it is next to impossible to defeat an insurgency which has safe havens, and Pakistan provided those havens. The new Trump policy seeks to address both. It will not focus on deadlines but on actual ground conditions. Thirdly, Trump put Pakistan on notice for providing safe havens to terror groups. 

1.Part of the problem of the US policy in Afghanistan has been Washington’s over-reliance on Islamabad. This has allowed the Pakistanis to shelter terror groups.
2.Trump has said this situation needs to change.
3.This is precisely what happened with Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq.
4.Reversing the previous Obama administration’s approach that was focussed on drawing down American troops, the new plan authorises the deployment of an additional 4,000 soldiers to train and buttress Afghan forces.
5.None of These

Question 6.
It is tempting to see the judgment as a body blow to personal laws and politicise it. This is not only incorrect but also dangerous. Rather than an affront to any particular religion it must be viewed as a pit stop in the path towards progressive and egalitarian changes in society. Many Muslim majority countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, have rejected talaq-e-biddat.

1.The government’s emphasis must now shift to ensuring universal marriage registration and reforming personal laws in consultation with community groups to ensure equal rights for men and women in marriage, divorce and alimony.
2.But the government can take credit for lending its immense clout to the Muslim women who approached SC against triple talaq.
3.It appears that maintenance simply can’t keep up with requirement,
4.Probes and committee reports on such cases need to be put out in the public domain and preventive measures taken.
5.None of These

Question 7.
Suspensions and transfers may not be enough to send a strong message on accountability for the disaster; those found responsible should be tried for criminal negligence. A quick look at the statistics reveals a shocking state of affairs. The 2016-17 period saw more people die in derailments than in any of the last 17 years. And of the 586 rail accidents in the last five years, around 53% were due to derailments
1.Plus, the arrears of track renewal are constantly mounting leading to disproportionately high maintenance effort.
2.No speed restriction warning was put at the maintenance spot just so delays wouldn’t reflect poorly on the performance report of the division and zone.
3.The current NDA dispensation may be good at painting and selling big visions like that of bullet trains, but what the railways desperately needs is better implementation of routine procedures on the ground.
4.However, his track record in turning the mass mover into an efficient and safe outfit has been below expectations so far.
5.None of These

Question 8.
Ultimately, Infosys’s stock and Murthy’s reputation took a beating. Sikka was brought in after slowing revenue growth from outsourcing, high attrition rate, and top-level exits dimmed the aura that Murthy and co-promoters assiduously built up over two decades. 

1.If the Murthy era focussed on paring down costs to maximise labour arbitrage, Sikka loosened purse strings and utilised cash reserves to fund overseas acquisitions and offer very generous salary and severance packages.
2.He must allow Infosys to reinvent itself in a changing business and technology environment.
3.After all, it’s not often that Indian promoters turn over their companies to professional managers.
4.Having decided to let go, Murthy should have resisted the temptation to interfere.
5.None of These

Question 9.
From the service provider’s perspective, the ability to work flexible hours can be a way to earn supplementary income. The British ruling, where the complainants were Uber drivers, focusses on the producer. It has ruled that clever use of legal and technological instruments cannot circumvent basic work-related rights. 

1.Thus it has begun the overdue process of determining the producer’s obligations.
2.Such regulation should be streamlined, responsive to changing ground realities, and easily understandable by users.
3.The gig economy is driven by algorithms and technology.
4.But the changing nature and growth of such business models and their inextricable linkages to technology, often via a smartphone app, is making it hard for regulators to keep up.
5.None of These

Question 10.
Sustained work is called for, given that higher agricultural productivity to meet food needs is inevitable, with a cascading increase in biomass volumes. The challenge is to identify measures to utilise it. By one estimate, if India can reach its own air quality standards for fine particulate matter from all sources, annual premature deaths can be cut by almost 10 per cent. 

1.A programme to cut pollution from waste-burning would be a good start.
2.It is an irony that the national capital and several other cities suffer crippling pollution in the post-monsoon and winter months partly due to biomass burning
3.Punjab responded to the issue with a prohibition on the burning of paddy stra
4.Again, 80 per cent of straw from paddy is burnt in some States, impacting air quality and depriving croplands of nutrients.
5.None of These
Solution with Explanation
Answer 1.-1-The first statement is specifying about Aadhar which has been mentioned in the paragraph.
Answer 2.-1-As the word 'such' has been used in sentence 1, it implies the chaos that has been mentioned in the paragraph.
Answer 3.-1-The word 'He' in the sentence is referring to Mr. Modi as given in the passage.
Answer 4.-1-The First Statement points out the cause of the problem that has been mentioned in the passage.
Answer 5.-1-The Sentence is providing some additional information on the policy that has been mentioned in the passage. so, it cannot be a concluding sentence.
Answer 6.-1-Sentence 1 correctly fits in as it works as an advice to what has already been stated in the passage.
Answer 7.-1-The Sentence gives more information on derailment so it fits in.
Answer 8.-1-Rest of the options are off topic so 1 is the correct answer.
Answer 9.-1-As a concluding sentence is required to end the paragraph 1 is most appropriate.
Answer 10.-1-Sentence 1 talks about a strategy to support the cause stated in the passage.
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