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New Pattern English Quiz: Odd Sentence and Phrase

New Pattern English Quiz: Odd Sentence and Phrase

Direction(1-5): Five statements are given below labeled A, B, C, D and E. Out of these, four statements are in logical order and forms a coherent passage. From the underlying options choose the one which does not fit with the other statements in the passage.

(A)Researchers have found that presence of a bacterium in children’s throat is strongly linked to a deadly bone and joint infection with the same bacterium.
(B)The research, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, may help in the diagnosis of bone 
(C)and joint bacterial infections in children that can have devastating effects on long-term mobility and can even cause death.
(D)When the arteries are narrowed, less blood and oxygen reaches the heart muscle and can ultimately lead to heart attack.
(E)The study demonstrated that the bacterium Kingella kingae is by far the most common pathogen for bone or joint infection in children.
(A)You might think that food cooked in coconut oil can be seriously bad for your heart.
(B)Often such cases of blindness are irreversible.
(C)However, there’s a lot more to the humble coconut than these two beliefs.
(D)Used effectively, the coconut is both a health food and a cosmetic tool, thanks to the three foods it provides.
(E)It is brilliant for cooking because it does not turn rancid easily, and, unlike mustard oil, it is cooling for the body.

(A)India gave up all extra-territorial rights and privileges it enjoyed in Tibet, 
(B) which it inherited from the British colonial legacy. 
(C)India formally recognized Tibet to be a region of China. 
(D)China has a huge population lying in East India.
(E)The principles agreed upon were: Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, Mutual non-aggression, Mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.

(A)One of the main challenges was finding a way to keep the neurons alive, a secret Mr. Agabi did not wish to expand on, 
(B)saying only they could be kept alive for two years in a lab environment and two months in the device.
(C)As AI improves in leaps and bounds, scientists are succeeding in making machines more like our brains, able to learn and understand their surroundings: a prospect that is terrifying for many.
(D)Mr. Musk, who has repeatedly warned about the perils of AI making humans obsolete, is working on a new project .
(E)Neuron carries information from one cell to another in our body. They form the basics of the nervous system.

(A)Scientists have created the first functional soft robot powered entirely by vacuum that moves by having air sucked out of it,
(B)and can perform different tasks, such as climbing vertical walls and grabbing objects.
(C)For the robot to move, air has to be sucked out of its individual components.
(D)There is a kind of renaissance in artificial intelligence that is currently going on.
(E)Inspired by muscle contraction, its individual soft components are activated (they collapse) when vacuum is applied to them.

(A)With such an enviable track record, the failure of the mission this time almost comes as a surprise. 
(B)This is especially so as the lift-off and the stage separation of the first and second stages, which are the most challenging parts of the mission, went off smoothly.
(C)In comparison, the heat-shield separation is a relatively minor operation which takes place once the rocket crosses an altitude of 100-110 km, 
(D)The failed mission should have no impact on future launches involving the vehicle.. 
(E)and the temperature in the absence of the heat-shield will no longer damage the satellite

(A)A portion of the track had been disjointed and was being welded in order to be put back in place as part of ‘routine maintenance’.
(B)But no one bothered to put a traffic blockade in place, as required, and the welding could not be completed before the train passed through.
(C)Out of the 86 companies surveyed in India, over 92% have created new job roles related to artificial intelligence 
(D)A probe by the Commissioner of Railway Safety may reveal whether this was a systemic communication failure or an instance of a casual approach to a task. 
(E)Reposing confidence in the inquiry process may appear difficult as the CRS is yet to conclude its investigation into one of the deadliest railway mishaps in the past decade.

(A)Black pepper produces hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for the digestion of concentrated proteins;
(B)cumin is high on magnesium and protects the digestive system; garlic is packed with essential minerals for blood purification; 
(C)tomato is rich in vitamins A and D and promotes heart health; red chilli is rich in vitamins A and C.
(D)and known to prevent prostate cancer and coriander leaves promote bone health and are a rich source of iron. 
(E)Obesity is much different from being overweight and can cause a lot of health problems.

(A)The luminescent blue pool in the basement felt like a grotto, lit by candles, with comfortable loungers tucked behind white sheers. 
(B)Hong Kong is so intense and so promiscuous that you’d be glad there’s a solace in the whirling chaos 
(C)The lukewarm water in this indoor pool made me feel like I had returned to my mother’s womb, far removed from the cacophony of the world outside. 
(D)With enough time left before dinner, I also indulged in the steam bath ritual at the spa, which included a sugar and salt body scrub followed by a massage with Clarins essential oils. 
(E)When it comes to location, Hotel Costes is as central as it gets – it’s in the 1st arrondissement, just off Place Vendome — yet, upon entering, you are certain you’ve stepped into a very private place.

(A)Long distance running was a way to feel younger and connect better with the youth, says 70-year-old Ratan Asawa. 
(B)In his younger days, he was a regular walker and played basketball, volleyball and badminton. 
(C)This is eminently possible with appropriate use and incorporation of various technology elements.
(D)A chance conversation with his marathoner nephew, who lives in Amsterdam, got him hooked to the idea of long-distance running. 
(E)He signed up for the half marathon not realizing he would have to run 21.1 km.

The paragraph is about bacterium not about heart.
The paragraph is about food and not blindness.
Option D talks about the location of China.
The option talks about the definition of neuron.
The option talks about Artificial Intelligence.
The Sequence of option D is wrong.
The option talks about Artificial Intelligence.
The option is about Obesity.
The option talks about Hong Kong whereas the passage is about travel.
The paragraph is about running distance whereas the option is about technology.
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