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New Pattern English For IBPS PO Exams

New Pattern English For IBPS PO Exams

New Pattern English Set - IBPS PO 2017

Direction (Q1 - Q15): In each question below, the word at the top of the question is used in four different ways. Choose the option in which the word has not been used appropriately.
1)Although the unemployment rate continues to abate, citizens are still not happy with the policies.
2)In some time, his anger will abate, and he will forgive you.
3)Why don’t you try and chew nicotine gum to abate the possibility of cancer.
4)Although salt tends to abate the taste of food, it typically doesn’t change it.

1)For his crime against the country he was tried as an enemy insurgent.
2)Tigran was the insurgent servant of government who was made the king.
3)Though he did not wish to be an insurgent, his distaste for the government forced him to be so.
4)He caught the insurgent who was trying to sneak in the house.

1) It is evident after all the investigations that sharma is the culprit.
2) According to Risha what is self-evident doesn’t need any arguments.
3) It was soon evident that the political question was far from being solved or settled.
4) Johan first sought to evident his part in the crime, but soon admitted his mistake and left the place.

1) Non-renewable resources are becoming scarce day by day and so we should use them responsively.
2) The amount of water found in the well was scarce.
3) Rusha is considered to be a rich entrepreneur as she has scarce of money.
4) Though, Australia has a huge number of parrots pigeons are comparatively scarce.

1) Sheetal was called to abdicate in the party with them.
2) As he was compelled to abdicate, he withdrew himself from the humdrum of life and led the life of a monk.
3) He was abdicated from the post because of treachery.
4) After he got the job he was asked to abdicate from the post.

1) If you abhor studying science then do it first instead of keeping it for later time. 
2) I abhor the vacation that we had last year because of the incident.
3) It was clearly understood that they abhor the materials as they had bought a lot of stuffs from them.
4) It’s surprising to know how they abhor my style or fashion sense.

1) He was preparing to assert the claims of his house in Poland.
2) From his speech it is only possible to assert that he is a great manipulator.
3) These policies assert the rights of women to be considered equal to men.
4) It was hard to assert his doings.

1) They shall defer to her requirements within no time.
2) I can fully understand his situation and would defer to his strategy.
3) Saving money for those hard times of life should be deferred.
4) Rita couldn’t defer the situation and left the place immediately.

1) His was the safest story to endorse.
2) Many people helped in fundraising donations to endorse the cause of helping the victims.
3) We couldn’t endorse the fact of stealing his ideas.
4) I had endorsing thoughts which I kept only to myself.

1) She continues to manifest the same eagerness to play as she had in her childhood.
2) A cultural decline is manifest in Portugal.
3) A divergence was already manifesting which became serious with the pass of time.
4) The secret was manifested and spread like wild fire in a matter of no time.

1) The king was never able to subjugate his rebellions.
2) The Liberals attempt to subjugate the church had gone in vain.
3) He subjugated me to fight for the competition and win.
4) Mr. Sharma was subjugated and the land was ultimately confiscated.

 1) It was the greatest award bestowed upon him.
2) The famous poet was bestowed with many awards and recognitions.
3) It suddenly bestowed on me that I had a meeting in half an hour.
4) He is always ready to take blame on himself and bestow praise on others. 

1) If he wants he can outsmart all his classmates.
2) It is said that mankind had been trying to outsmart death from the beginning of time.
3) She couldn’t outsmart her colleagues and won the league.
4) she realized that she has been outsmarted by me and so she fled away.

1) Those actions which are done with malice has pure intention. 
2) Doing something unintentionally is much different from doing one in malice.
3) It is wrong to have malice or do any wrong to someone 
4) As I don’t have any malice for you we will never have any issues between us.

1) It’s wrong to disparage those whom you love.
2) After reviewing her work, the boss made a huge number of comments simply to disparage her.
3) He disparaged himself frequently.
4) It was hard to believe hoe he kept disparaging her sister to win the match.

1) 4 - Abate means to reduce or put an end.
2) 4 -  Insurgent means to oppose or be rebellious.
3) 4 - Evident means something that is clearly true.
4) 3 - Scarce means rare or difficult to find.
5) 1 - Abdicate means to disinherit or disown.
6) 3 - Abhor means to hate or avoid something.
7) 4 - To assure something.
8) 3 - Defer means to delay or postpone.
9) 4 - Endorse means to support.
10) 4 - Something that is easily detected or convicted.
11) 3 - To impose forcibly on someone.
12) 3 - To give or confer.
13) 3 - Outsmart means to beat in a competition of wits.
14) 1 - Malice means to harm intentionally.
15) 4 - Disparage means to dishonor.
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