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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

English Mini Practice Set: Double Fillers

English Mini Practice Set: Double Fillers 

English Mini Practice Set: Double Fillers

Follow Achiever's Rule to practice  useful English MCQ for your upcoming Banking exams like IBPS, SBI. The English Articles,  English Quiz are very important for the upcoming IBPS, RBI, SBI Exams. Download the available PDFs.
Directions (Q1- Q10) Read each sentence and fill in the Blanks from the given alternatives.
Q1.The three etchings _______ to the _______ of aesthetics and the steady stealth of the human hand.
A]shown, thoughts
B]proves, example
D]shows, art
E]testifies, understand

Q2.Protests broke out in Kupwara district as a man went ____ and another was hospitalized in a critical ______ after the duo were allegedly taken into custody by Army personnel on the previous night.
A]off, circumstances
B]missing, condition
C]away, ill
D]in, phase
E]on, wounded

Q3.Nirmala Sitharaman will be the first full-time woman Defense Minister and the second woman to hold this _____ after Indira Gandhi, who ____ additional charge.
A]honour, handle
B]responsibility, holding
C]duty, handling
D]post, held
E]tag, serves

Q4.In the ______ critical conditions it is absolutely ________ to keep cool, refrain from any actions that could lead to a further escalation of tensions.
A]emerged, wrong
B]continuing, useless
C]emerging, essential
D]present, irrespective
E]ongoing, foolishness

Q5.______ tax officials to fix clear targets for sprucing up tax administration by 2022, the PM said his government was creating an environment that _____ the confidence of the corrupt.
A]Informing, affects
B]Ordering, hampers
C]Describing, supported
D]Urging, shattered
E]Let, attack

Q6.If a handful of legislators ______ a meeting it would not be _____.
A]convene, valid
B]organized, good
C]organizing, effective
D]handles, bad
E]conducting, meaningless

Q7.There was a great ______ and variety of tropical fruits, but the Orange was never in _____.
A]available, proof
B]supplied, list
C]number, seen
D]abundance, evidence
E]availability, view

Q8.______ off a great day for India, both Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza _____ to the next round in their respective events at the US Open tennis championships.
A]Featuring, upgrades
B]Capping, advanced
C]Targeting, reaches
D]Focusing, promote
E]Dealing, put

Q9.Sindhu and Okuhara fought ____ and nail in the gripping summit _____, described by many as the best women's singles final in recent times.
A]teeth, duo
B]hard, tournament
C]tooth, clash
D]tough, match
E]terrific, duel

Q10.The Indian classical music scene has several big names that have _____ to heights with years of experience, learning and ____ their skills.
A]reached, sharpen
B]choose, enhance
C]rise, honour
D]picked, display
E]risen, honing
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