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English Grammar - Usage of Preposition

English Grammar - Usage of Preposition
English Grammar - Usage of Preposition 
English Grammar is very important if you want to perform well in upcoming IBPS and other Banking exams.  The English Study Notes from Achiever's Rule are must for the aspirants. Some words suit with particular prepositions after them. Here Some Examples of Appropriate Prepositions are discussed.
  • Ready at (figures), for (departure), in (answers) – The clerk is ready (quick) at figures. / Ram is ready for departure. / She is ready in her answers. 
  • Reason for (noun) - What is the reason of doing it. 
  • Reason with / about (verb) – Don’t reason (argue) with me about the issue. 
  • Rebel against – The soldiers rebelled against the king. 
  • Recommend to, for (something) – I recommended him to my boss for the job. 
  • Reconciled with, to (with enemy) – He is reconciled (reunited) with / to his friend. 
  • Recourse to – Do not take recourse to unfair means to get thing. 
  • Recover from – Sweety has recovered from her illness. 
  • Reduced to (poverty) – He has been reduced to poverty. 
  • Refer to, for – Refer the matter to the police station for inquiry. 
  • Reflect on, upon – Your rude behavior reflects only on/ upon your nature. 
  • Refrain from – I refrain (hold oneself back) from making any remark now. 
  • Regard for (noun) – I have no regard (respect) for him. 
  • In (or with) Regard to – In / with regard to that matter, I have nothing to say. 
  • Rejoice in, at – No one rejoiced at / in her success. 

  • Relation of (one) to another, between (the two) – What is the relation of moon to the tides. / What is the relation between moon and tides? 
  • Relevant to (pertinent) – Your remark is not relevant to the point. 
  • Relieve of / from – This will relieve you of/ from the pain. 
  • Rely on – You can rely on my word. 
  • Remarkable for – He is remarkable for his strength. 
  • Remedy for (cure) – There is no remedy for this disease. 
  • Render into – Render the passage into English. 
  • Resign (oneself) to – I resigned myself to fate. 
  • Resistance to – The soldiers offered resistance to the enemy attack. 
  • Respect for – I have a great respect for him. 
  • Respite from- I need some respite (rest) from heavy workload. 
  • Rest with / upon – It rests with (depends) you to grant my prayer. / I rest upon (rely on) your promise. 
  • Restore to – Restore (give back) his property to him. 
  • Sacred to – The temple is sacred to Lord Shiva. 
  • Sad at – He was sad at leaving school.
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