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English Grammar Rules - Usage of Preposition

English Grammar Rules - Usage of Preposition
English Grammar Rules- Usage of Preposition

You have score well in English Grammar if you want to perform well in upcoming IBPS and other Banking exams.  Follow the English Study Notes from Achiever's Rule to crack the exams. Some words suit with particular prepositions after them. Here Some Examples of Appropriate Prepositions are discussed.
  • Obstacle to – Poverty is often an obstacle to higher studies. 
  • Occupied with (a business)/ in (doing a thing) - Sumedha is occupied with her books. / She is occupied in writing a letter. 
  • Occur to – The idea never occurred to me.
  • Offend against (Violate) – You have offended against the good manner. 
  • Offended with/at (displeased) - My class teacher is offended with/at me due to my low marks in her subject.

  • Opposed to – I am opposed to the proposal.
  • Opt for – I opted for Information Technology as my stream of study.
  • Opt out of (Choose to take no part in) – Ravi opted out of the committee. 
  • Oust from (Rusticate) – The naughty boy was ousted from school. 
  • Overwhelmed with / at – He is overwhelmed with his father’s death. 
  • Parallel to – The straight line is parallel to another straight line. 
  • Parody on /of (composition in imitation of another to make others laugh at him/ her) – This is a parody of/on the poem written by Milton. 
  • Part from (say good bye) – It is painful for a mother to part from her children. 
  • Part with (give up) – I cannot part with this book. 
  • Particular about – My father is very particular about his health. 
  • Party to – I am not a party to this decision. 
  • Passion for (strong enthusiasm) – She has a passion for dance. 
  • Patient under (difficulties) / of (sufferings) – He is patient of his sufferings. / Be patient under difficulties. 
  • Peculiar to – The dressing sense of her is peculiar to others. 
  • Penitent for – The thief is penitent for his action. 
  • Perplex with – My mind is perplexed with fears and doubts. 
  • Pine for – The exiles pine for the native country. 
  • Point out/ at /to – Point out my mistakes here. / The hunter pointed the gun at the tiger. / His speech pointed to some defects in our system. 
  • Prey to (noun) – He is a prey to greed. 
  • Prey upon (verb) – Anxiety preyed upon (harm) my health. 
  • Profit by / on – We profit by experience. / He made a profit on sale the old goods. 
  • Prohibit from- I prohibited him from going to the place. 
  • Pry into (inspecting closely) – I do not like prying into the secrets of others. 
  • Qualified for – He is qualified for the post. 
  • Quick at / of – He is quick at figures. / He is quick at understanding.
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