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Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO

Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO

Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz Set

The Banking Articles and Current Affairs Articles are very important for your upcoming IBPS, RBI, SBI Exams. Practice the Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ/ Quiz  from  Achiever's Rule regularly. You must download the available PDFs.
Q1.Which of the following is associated as regulator with the business of Insurance sector ?
E]None of these

Q2.The signature of whom is there in the Rs. 200 currency notes ?
A]Prime Minister of India
B]Finance Minister of India
C]President of India
D]Governor of RBI
E]None of them

Q3."Open Market Operation" is the part of which of the following ?
A]Fiscal Policy
B]Income Policy
C]Credit Policy
D]Labour Policy
E]None of them

Q4."CORE" in the Core Banking Services stands for which of the following ?
A]Customer Online Real time Exchange
B]Channel of Rupee Exchange
C]Customer Online Rupee Exchange
D]Centralized Online Rupee Exchange
E]Centralized Online Real time Exchange

Q5.Which of the following is the upper limit for the RTGS Transactions in India ?
A]Rs. 10 Lakhs
B]Rs. 20 Lakhs
C]Rs. 50 Lakhs
D]Rs. 40 Lakhs
E]No limit

Q6.Which of the following is the largest bank of the world on basis of number of branches ?
A]State Bank of India
B]Banks of America NT & SA
C]Barclays Bank
D]Citi Bank

Q7.Which of the following statements are true regarding Hot Money ?
A]It is money earned through speculative transaction
B]It is money used for hoarding scarce commodities
C]It is Money earned through illegal transactions
D]It is Short-term movements of capital from one country to another for safety or higher rate of interest
E]None of these

Q8.Which of the following is known as the "Free Trade Zone" ?
A]It is an area which is free from taxes.
B]It is an area where no license is required for the import of goods.
C]It is an area where are no restrictions on trading activities.
D]It is an area near a port (Air/sea) in which goods can be imported duty-free
E]None of these

Q9.Open Unemployment refers to which of the following ?
A]People who are willing but do not get work.
B]People who are not willing to work
C]People who have been dismissed because of corrupt practices.
D]People who leave their jobs in search of better jobs.
E]None of these

Q10.The currency of IMF, SDR is in the form of which of the following ?
A]Only a Book Keeping Entry
B]Paper Currency
D]Silver and Gold
E]None of these

Q11.Which of the following has launched a central database of all the insurance sales persons in the country ?
E]None of these

Q12.National Income of India is estimated by which of the following ?
A]Central Statistical Organization
B]Planning Commission
C]National Sample Survey Organization
D]Indian Statistical Institute
E]None of these

Q13.The rate of growth of which of the following is known as the "Hindu Rate of Growth" ?
D]Per Capita Income
E]None of these

Q14.What is the importance of Financial Literacy ?
A]More people would utilize the banking services if they understand it better
B]It would mean the maximum number of people
C]It would enable better understanding of banking business.
D]It would mean banks can do more business
E]None of these

Q15.Which of the following is not an aim of fiscal policy of Govt. of India ?
A]Price Stability
B]Full Employment
C]Regulation of Inter-State trade
D]Equitable distribution of wealth & income
E]None of these

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