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SSC Notes: Prominent Leaders of India and its Related Facts

SSC Notes: Prominent Leaders of India and its Related Facts

Famous Leaders of India - Its Related Facts

Gopalhori Desmukh:
  1. He is the social developer in Maharashtra.
  2. Famous as a “Lock Hitobadi”.
  3. Established “Poorna Vivah Mondal” at Ahmadabad and supported wide marriage.
  4. Introduced two weekly newspapers “Janpraksh” and “Enduprakash”.
Annie Besant:
  1. Established “Theosophical society”.
  2. Set up “Indian Homerule League”.
  3. Become president of Indian National Congress in 1917.
  4. Introduced two newspapers “New India” and “Common Wealth”.
Fojlul Hoaq:
  1. All Indian Muslim league” established by him.
  2. Member of this league from 1916-1921.
Anando Mohan Bose:
  1. He was the National leader of Moderates.
  2. Member of “Indian Association” at Kolkata and “Indian National Conference”.
  3. Become president of Indian National Congress in 1898 (Madras session).
Aruna Asof Ali:
  1. Personally joined in “Satyagraha”.
  2. 1st selected Mayor at Delhi in 1958.
  3. He was awarded by National Lelin Prize.
  4. Introduced two newspapers “Link” and “Patriot”.

Bhagot Singh:
  1. Established “Yong India” in 1926 at Punjab.
  2. Become a member of” Hindustan Socialist Republican Army”.
  3. In 1928 British officer Mr.Sandarsh was killed by him.
  4. He was the writer of “Why I am Atheist
  5. Hang to death with Rajguru and Sukhdeb at Lahore on 23 March in 1931.
Badrudin Teabji:
  1. 1st Barrister in Bombay.
  2. Member of “Bombay Presidency Association” and “Bombay Legislative Council
  3. Become president of Indian National Congress in1887 (Madras session).
Gopalkrishna Gokhle:
  1. Gandhiji’s politics master.
  2. Become president of Indian National Congress in1905 (Benares session).
  3. Established “Servants of India Society” in 1905.
  4. Start life as an Assistant teacher at Pune.
  5. Introduced daily news paper “The Hitavada”in 1911.
Dr. Jakir Hossen:
  1. Awarded “Bharat ratna” in 1963.
  2. Attend “Woardha” education related National session in 1937.
Dr. Rajendra Prasad:
  1. Established “National College” at Patna.
  2. He is the 1st President of Independence India.
  3. Awarded “Bharat ratna” in 1962.
  4. Introduced weekly Hindi news paper “Desh”.
Binayak Damodar Savarkor:
  1. Established “Mitromela” in 1899 and “Abhinabo Bharat” in 1904.
  2. Get “Birsavarkar” title.
  3. Bipin Chandra Paul:
  4. Introduced “Bondematram” with Arvindo Ghose in 1906.
  5. Famous as a “Father of Revolutionary Thought in India”.
  6. Started weekly newspaper”Poridarshak” and daily newspaper “New India”.
C.Raja Gopalachari:
  1. 1st and last Governor General of Independence India.
  2. Selected as Chief Minister at Madras in 1952-1954.
  3. Famous as a nick name “Rajaji”.
  4. Awarded “Bharat ratna” in 1954.
  1. 1st selected mayor at Kolkata Corporation in 1924.
  2. Started monthly Newspaper “Narayana” and “Forward”.
  3. Introduced “Das formula”.
Dadabhai Naoroji:
  1. Demand “Swaraj”at Kolkata session in 1906.
  2. Selected as a house of commerce in 1892 as 1st Indian.
  3. Famous as a nick name “Grand old man”.
  4. Became President 3 times in INC (1886, 1893, and 1906).
  5. He was the writer of “Poverty” and “Un-British Rule in India”.
  6. Published “Voice of India” a daily newspaper in 1883.
  7. Founder of “Gyan Prasarak Mandali”.
Dr.Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar:
  1. Leader of lower caste people.
  2. Established “Depressed Classes Institution” (1924) and “Samanto Sangha” in 1927, and also “Indian Labour Party” and “Scheduled Federation”.
  3. Participate 3 round table meeting and signed Puna treaty with Gandhiji in 1932.
  4. Membership as an Executive Council of Governor General and “Drafting Committee”.
  5. Set up “Republican Party” in 1956.
  1. Founder of “Puna new English school” in 1880, “Decan Education Society” in 1884, “Fargushan College” in 1885.
  2. Published newspaper “Keshri” and “Maratha”.
  3. Famous as a nick name “Lokmanya”.
  4. Writer of “Gita Rahasya” and “The Arctic Home in the Vedas”.
Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad:
  1. Writer of “India Winds Freedom”.
  2. Introduced weekly newspaper “Al Hilal”.
  3. 1st Education Minister of Independence India.
Sarojoni Naidu:
  1. 1st women Governor at U.P in India.
  2. Famous as “Nightingale of India”.
  3. Become president of INC in 1925 at Kanpur session.
  4. Writer of The Bird of Time”, “The Broken Wing”, “The Feather of the Dawn.
Madan Mohan Malyabya:
  1. Established “Banaras Hindu University” in 1916.
  2. Published daily newspaper “The Leader”.
  3. 4 times presidents of Indian National Congress (1909, 1918, 1932, 1933).
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