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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Quantitative Aptitude: Practice Test for Bank Exam

Quantitative Aptitude: Practice Test for Bank Exam

Practice Set: Quant for Bank PO & Clerk

Q.1 A Train travelling at 63 kmph can cross a bridge 199.5 m long in 21 seconds. How much time would train to complete cross another train (from the moment they meet) 287 m long and travelling at 54 k mph in opposite direction of that in which 1st train is travelling.
a). 16
b). 18
c). 12
d). 14
e). 10

Q.2 The difference between Shyam and Barun is Rs. 144 when they Invest Rs.1800 each for 4 years. What is the difference in the rates of interest?
a). 1.5%
b). 3%
c). 2.75%
d). 1%
e). 2%

Q3.What will be the cost of building a fence around a circular field with area equal to 18364 sq.meters, if the cost of building the fence per metre is Rs 365.
a). Rs. 1,76,660
b). Rs. 78, 01,520
c). Rs. 4, 43,250
d). Rs. 96, 60,220
e). None of these.

Q4. A boatman rows upstream at the rate of 5 km an hour and downstream at the rate of 1 km in 7.5 minutes. The speed of the boat (in km/hr) in the still water is
a). 6
b). 6.5
c). 7
d). 7.5
e). None of these.

Q.5 Two partners Rohim and Karan together lent Rs. 3364 at 5% at compound interest, compound annually. The amount Rahim gets at the end of 3 yrs is the same as Karan gets in the end of 5 yrs. Thus share of Karan in the Principal is
a). Rs. 1400
b). Rs. 1600
c). Rs. 1764
d). Rs. 1836
e). None of these.

Q.6 Bipul and Banik entered into a partnership, investing Rs. 150000 and Rs. 180000 respectively. After 3 months Bipul withdrew Rs. 50000 while Banik invested Rs. 20000 more. After 3 months more Chandan joined the business with the capital of Rs. 250000. At the end of the year the total profit was Rs. 346000. What is Banik share in the profit?
a). 165000
b). 160000
c). 156000
d). 150000
e). None of these.

Q.7 A shopkeeper purchased 15 kg of variety X rice at Rs A per kg and 10 kg of variety Y rice (A+5) per kg. The shopkeeper sold the whole quantity of variety X rice at 10% profit and that of variety Y rice at 20% profit. The total selling price of variety X rice was Rs.30 more than that of variety Y rice. Had the two varieties been mixed and sold at an overall profit of 20%, what would have been the selling price (per kg).
a). Rs.26.40
b). Rs.23.20
c). Rs.24.20
d). Rs.25.00
e). None of these.

Q.8. S.Swaminathan Investments an amount of Rs. 277500 at the simple interest of 9% per annum and another amount at the simple interest rate of 12% per annum. Total interest earned at the end of one year on the total amount investments becomes 10.5% per annum. Find the total amount investments by S.Swaminathan.
a). Rs.55000
b). Rs.55500
c). Rs.50000
d). Rs.57500
e). Rs 52500

Q.9. In our class there 20% of students were absent for an exam, 25% failed by 15 marks and 10% just passed beause of grace marks of 5. If the remaining students scored an average of 60 marks and passing marks is 33, find the average score of the class.
a). 44.75
b). 40.325
c). 46.75
d). 42.875
e). 43.65

Q.10 Modhu and Ritu are working on an computer project. Modhu takes 8 hours to type 36 pages on a computer and Ritu takes 6 hours to type 39 pages. How much time will they take, working together to ttype 440 pages on different computer.
a). 40
b). 42
c). 45
d). 46
e). 36

Q.11 A circular garden whose diameter is 35 cm, has a 1.4 broad garden around it, what is the area of the garden in square metres.
a). 160.16
b). 176.16
c). 196.16
d). Data Inadequate
e). None of these.

Q.12. the length of a rectangle is 20% more than its breadth. What will be the ratio of the area of a rectangle to that of a square whose side is equal to the breadth of the rectangle?
a). 2:1
b). 6:5
c). 5:6
d). Data Inadequate
e) None of these.

Q.13. Milan Started a business investing Rs. 25,000 in 2014. In 2015, he investment an additional amount of Rs. 10,000 and Raj joined him with an amount of Rs.35000. in 2016 Milan invested another additional amount of Rs. 10000 and Subha joined them with an amount of Rs. 35000. What will be the Raj share in the profit of Rs.150000 earned at the end of 3 years from the start of the business in 2014.
b). Rs.50000
e).Rs. 80000

Q.14. A machine M can print one lakh books in 8 hours, machine N can print the same no of books in 10 hours while machine O can print them in 12 hours. All the machine started at 9 a.m. while machine M is closed at 11 a.m. and the reaming two machine complete the work, Approximately at what time the work be finished.
a).11.30 a.m.
b).12 noon.
c).12.30 p.m.
d).1 p.m.
e).None of these

Ans.1 -d.
Ans.2 – e
Ans.3 – a
Ans.4 –b
Ans.5 - b
Ans.6 - c
Ans.7 – a
Ans.8 - b
Ans.9 - d
Ans.10 – a
Ans.11 –e
Ans.12 –b
Ans.13 –b
Ans.14 –d.
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