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English Grammar: One Word Substitution Lists - 7

English Grammar: One Word Substitution

List of One Word Substitution 

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  • Funeral- It is a ceremony which is held for a dead person. 
  • Convocation- It is a ceremony which is held in a college or University when students receive their degree. 
  • Coronation- It is a ceremony in which a crown is placed on the head of a king or queen.

  • Mortal- A living being certain to die. 
  • Infallible- It means  certain to work properly or succeed. 
  • Pervert- It refers to change something good so that it is no longer what it was or should be. 
  • Tweak- It refers to the change of something slightly in order to improve it or to make small adjustments to it. 
  • Backtrack- It refers to the change of an earlier statement, promise or opinion because of some external pressure. 
  • Veer- It refers to the change in direction suddenly or quickly. 
  • Transition- It refers to change from one condition or state to another. 
  • Mercurial- It refers to the change of mood quickly or very often. 
  • Ambience- It is the character or atmosphere of a place. 
  • Impeach- It refers to charge an important public figure with serious crime. 
  • Bonhomie- It refers to the cheerful friendliness. 
  • Metabolism- It is a chemical process that occurs within a living organism in order to maintain life. 
  • Alibi- It is claim or a piece of evidence that one was elsewhere when an especially criminal act is alleged to have taken place. 
  • Clarion Call- It is a clear message or request for people to do something. 
  • Ploy- It is a clever plan or trick which is used to get someone to do something or to gain some advantages. 
  • Clamber- It refers to climb with difficulty or a lot effort using the hands and feet. 
  • Comrade- It refers to close friend one has worked with. 
  • Communion- It is close relationship with someone or something. 
  • Clan- It is a close-knit group of interrelated families, large families or a group of people connected together because of a particular thing. 
  • Attire- It refers to cloth especially fine or formal ones. 
  • Agglomerate- It refers to collect or form into a group. 
  • Antique- It refers to the collectable object which has high value due to its age and quality. 
  • Potpourri- It is a collection of different things. 
  • Archive- It refers to the collection of historical documents which gives information about a place or group of people or institution. 
  • Compendium- It refers to the collection of things(photographs, facts) gathered together and presented in the form of a book. 
  • Collage- It refers to the collection of similar or different things. 
  • Arsenal- It is the collection of military equipment and weapons.
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