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List of One Word Substitution

List of One Word Substitution
Easy Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary

One Words Substitution are very important for SSC CGL, IBPS, Banking exams. Achiever's Rule provides you the excellent study materials in English and other subjects. You may also find the Banking Articles, Current Affairs Articles useful for your exams. Download the available PDF.

Some Important ONE WORD

  • Corpus- It is the collection of written or spoken texts. 
  • Conjuncture- It refers to the combination of events, state of affairs.
  • Ensue- It refers to something that comes at a later time to happen as a result.  
  • Analogy- It refers to the comparison between one thing with another for the purpose of clarification. 
  • Charisma- I refers to the compelling attractiveness or charm which can inspire devotion in others.
  • Pageant- It refers to the competition for young woman in which their beauty, personal qualities and skills are judged. 
  • Volte-face- It refers to the complete change of attitude or opinion. 
  • Monopoly- It refers to the complete control of entire supply of goods or of a service in a certain area or market. 
  • Catalouge- It is a complete list of items arranged in alphabetical or systematic order. 
  • Spectrum- It refers to the complete range of different people, opinion etc. 
  • Intransigent- It refers to something which is completely unwilling to change. 
  • Imbroglio- It refers to complex disputes or arguments. 
  • Maze- It is a complicated and confusing system of connected passage. 
  • Morass- It refers to a complicated or unpleasant situations which is difficult to get out of or to move through. 

  • Omnifarious- It is comprised of all sorts or varieties. 
  • Disguise- It refers to conceal the nature or existence of a feeling or a situation. 
  • Inference- It is the conclusion which are formed due to the known facts or evidence. 
  • Inflammation- It is the condition in which a part of one's body becomes swollen, red and painful. 
  • Stupor- It is a condition in which someone is not able to think normally because of being drunk, tired, dragged etc. 
  • Melee- It refers to the confused struggles or fights involving many people. 
  • Conundrum- It is a confusing or difficult problem. 
  • Mumbo-Jumbo- It refers to meaningless words or activities. 
  • Circumstantial- It is something connected with particular circumstances. 
  • Juvenile- It is connected with young people who are not adult. 
  • Aftermath- It is the consequence of a significant and unpleasant event. 
  • Alphanumeric- It consists of both letters and numerals. 
  • Homogeneous- It consists of things or people which are of same type. 
  • Stalemate- It refers to the dispute in which neither side can gain an advantage or win. 
  • Inflation- It refers to the continual increase in the price of goods and services. 
  • Incessant- It refers to continue without stopping.
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