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Important Articles of Indian Constitution

Important Articles of Indian Constitution

Important Articles of Indian Constitution

Dear Reader, 
Today we will share the most important Part: The Complete Lists of Articles of Indian Constitution. This Materials will surely help you in your next SSC CGL Tier I exams. Just Go through it. Surely you will get 1-2 Questions from this Section.
This Materials is divided in Sections (Which is Marked in Blue) according to Parts of Constitution. It will be easy for you to understand clearly. Go through the Complete Materials. Each and Every Single Point is Important for Your Upcoming SSC CGL Tier I Shifts & Railway (Upcoming) Exams.

Complete Lists : For SSC CGL & Railway Exams

Related Points
Article 1
Defines the name and the territory of India.
Article 2
Established of new state
Article 3
Change of state name and area
Article 12
Defination of Indian state
Article 18
 Government has awarded Bharat and Padmashri award
Article 19to22
Fundamental Rights of Freedom

Article 19
Freedom to Press. Freedom of speech and expression
Article 21
Protection of life and personal liberty
Article 21A
Fundamentals rights to freedom
Article 22
Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases
Prohibatio of traffic in human beings and forced labour
Article- 24
Prohibition of employment of children in factories etc
Article 25-28
Religion Rights
Article 25
Rights to freedom of religions
Article 26
Freedom to manage religion affairs
Article 27
Freedom as to payments of tuxes for the promotion of any particular religion
Article 28
No religious instruction shall be provided in any educational institute which fully maintained by State funds
Article 29
Unifor facilities to reserve their own culture and education.
Article 30
Rights to established and administrative of educational institute to minorities.
Article 36 to 51
Deal with directive Principle of state policy
Article 40
Describe the organisation of village Panchayat.
Article 41
Secure of Governmental help to citizenship, poorer etc.
Article 44
Uniform civil code for citizen.
Article 45
Provision of education for each child up to 14 years freely.
Article 51
The promotion of International Peace and security.
Article 52-78
India’s President and Vice-President related.
India has a president.
Article 61
Subjected about Impeached of President.
Article 79-151
Discus about Indian Parliament.
Article 79
Consists of Parliament.
Article 88
Attorney General can participate to speak in both the house of Parliament but without a right to vote.
Article 109
Money bill’ related.
Article 110
Definition of ‘Money Bill’.
Article 152-167
About state Governor.
Article 152
Definition of States.
Article 154
Governor have the executive power of state.
Article 155
Governor appointed by President.
Article 245 to 255
Law relation between Centre and States.
Given Residuary power to Indian Parliament.
Article -249
Rajya Sabha have to authority to do so in the ‘National Interest’.
Article -250
Parliament role during proclamation of Emergency.
Article 264 to 300A
Relation between Centre and States about Tax related.
Article 266
Consolited fund.
Article 267
Contigency Fund.
Article 269
Tax on Income other than agriculture Income shall be collected and levied by the Government of India.
Article 280
Formation of Finance Commission and deals with various steps.
Article 275 and 282
Gants-in-aid provided by government to state.
Article 324
Election commission.
Article 330—342
Special Provision for SC and ST.
Article 340
Empoures the presidents to appoint a commission to investigation of the backward clases in general suggest ameliorative measures.
Article 343-351
Language related.
Article 349
To submit complain and solution near to Government relating to language.
Article 350
Laguage related to redress of grievances.
Article 350 A
Facility for instruction in the mother toung at the primary stage education to linguistic minority groups.
Article 350 B
Officer for linguistic minorities.
Article 351
Provides that it shall be the duty of the Union to promote the spread of the Hindi language.
Article 352-360
National Emergency.
Article 356
State Emergency.
Article 360
Financial Emergency.
Article 361-367
Related with Miscellaneous Provisions.
Article 361
Special protection of President and State Governor against legal action including proceedings for contempt of court.
Article 368
Indian Constitution amendment.

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