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English Quiz Test - Double Fillers for IBPS Exams

English Quiz Test - Double Fillers for IBPS Exams

Double Fillers Practice Set - IBPS Prelims

Follow Achiever's Rule to solve  useful English MCQ for your upcoming Banking exams like IBPS, SBI. The Banking Articles,  Daily Current Affairs Update, Current Affairs Articles are beneficial for your preparation for the upcoming IBPS, RBI, SBI Exams. You must download the available PDFs.
Directions (Q1- Q10) Read each sentence and fill in the Blanks from the given alternatives.

Q1.Privacy is a concomitant of the ______ of the individual to exercise ______ over his or her personality.
A]mind, discuss
B]thoughts, power
C]right, control
D]practice, discussion
E]feelings, focus

Q2.Olympic bronze medalist Sakshi Malik _______ out in the first round while compatriot Vinesh Phogat's campaign also ended in a whimper as Indian wrestlers continued with _____ show at World Wrestling Championship in Paris.
A]came, successful
D]emerged, famous
E]evolved, good

Q3.In its mega effort to ______ out to the young population in Kashmir, the State Cricket Academy (SCA) has _____ in 3,300 players in 10 districts of the Valley, including militancy-dominated south Kashmir.
A]help, faith
B]select, confirmed
C]choose, devoted
D]reach, roped
E]find, assured

Q4.The government had ______ that the deaths were caused by _______ of oxygen supply.
A]thought, overflow
B]accused, disrupted
D]agreed, flow
E]followed, steam

Q5._____ summer season and the water _______ dwindles in most part of the country.
A]After, fall
B]At, flow
C]During, scarcity
D]Come, availability
E]when, bodies

Q6.The Oreo _____ a doubling of boot speed, an autofill option, and a ______ battery life.
A]confirming, good
B]boasts, longer
C]has, interrupted
D]assure, long
E] confirm, lengthy

Q7.It is a good thing that India is ______ to ______ the new goods and services tax (GST) regime
A]concentrate, following
B]close, adopting
C]gaining, adoption
D]wilful, forward
E]managed, towards

Q8.Space weather _______ modern day technologies such as satellite operations, telecommunications, GPS navigational networks and electric _____ grids.
A]impacts, power
B]effect, supply
C]affect, maintainance
D]based, flow
E]stressed, availability

Q9.It seems that the union government and the Supreme Court are no ______ to _______ on how the senior judges must be appointed.
A]close, refusal
B]approached, contest
C]verdict, select
D]closer, compromise
E]near, adjust

Q10.The struggle and the _____ of those who fought for our Independence was the ____ of Natyarangam's annual dance festival.
A]dedication, objective
B]working, motto
C]sacrifices, theme
D]speeches, art
E]life, observation

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