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English Grammer : Use of Prepositions - Part 3

English Grammer : Use of Prepositions - Part 3

 Use of Prepositions - Part 3

Dear Readers,
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Some words take particular prepositions after them. Few examples of appropriate prepositions are given below.
Ban on( Prohibited)- There is a ban on the match in this area.
Bare of (Without)- The field is bare of grass.
Bar to (Obstacle)- There is no age bar to try for the higher studies.

Based On( Established)- His view on this matter is based on logic.
Beg of (Request)- I beg of you to keep quiet.
Beg for (a thing) from (a person)- He begged for help from me.
Believe in (have faith)- I do not believe in his honesty.
Beneficial to (Essential)- Exercise is beneficial to health.
Bereft of (Deprived)- Bereft of children, he lives a lonely life.
Beset with (Surrounded)- He is beset with dangers.
Bestow on (Give)- May God bestow his blessings on him.
Beware of (Take heed)- Beware of the enemy.
Boast of (Feel pride)- Do not boast of your wealth.
Callous to (indifferent)- He is callous to the sufferings of others.
Capable of (Ability)- He is not capable of hard work.
Cater to (Usually in the sense of pondering, evil inclinations)- Some newspapers cater to low tastes.
Charge against (Complain)- What is the charge against him?
Charge of (Responsibility)- He has taken the charge of this post.
Clear of (Free from)- Keep clear of wicked friends.
Clothed with (Shame)- Clothed with shame, she left the place.
Commit to (Remember)- Commit the passage to memory.
Compatible with (Suited to )- You must drive the car in a speed compatible with safety.
Composed of (Made of)- What is water composed of?Conceal from (Keep secret)- I conceal this from his parents.
Conceive of (Think of)- I can not conceive of such cruelty.
Concur (Agree) with (a person) in (his/her decision) on (a subject /issue)- I concur with him in his decision on this matter.
Condole (Sympathize) with (a person) on (his loss)- I condoled with him on his loss.
Confide in (Trust)- You can confide in me.
Congenial to (Favourable)- The climate of the hill area is congenial to my health.
Consistent with (Agree to) - His actions is not consistent to his principles.
Consist of (Contain)- My family consists of four members.
Contented with (Satisfied)- She is contented with a little.
Contrary to (opposite to )- She acted contrary to the orders.
Conversant with ( Well-acquainted)- I am conversant with the history of others.
Convince of (Satisfied)- I am convinced of your honesty.
Dawn on (Become clear to)- The truth at last dawned on him.
Deal out (Distribute)- He dealt out equal justice to all.
Deficient in (Weak)- She is deficient in Mathematics.
Defend From (Protect)- I shall defend you from the enemy.
Debar from (Prevent)- He is debarred from voting.
Delegate to (Entrust)- The power was delegated to his subordinates.
Deliberate upon (Discuss)- They deliberated long upon the matter.
Delete from (Stuck out)- His name is deleted from the list.
Demur to (Object)- I do not demur to your request.
Desist from (Gave up)- She desisted from pursuing the matter.

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