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English Grammer : Use of Prepositions - Part 2

 English Grammer : Use of Prepositions - Part 2

Use of Prepositions - Part 2

Dear Readers,
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Above- The Sun looks over the earth.
More Than- He is over fifty years old.

Across the interior or anything- He passed through this wood.
Cause- He has got the prize through industry.

Direction towards- He went to Kolkata for higher education.
Adaptation- He does not stand to reason.
Comparison- As there is three is to nine, so four is to twelve.
Purpose- I went there to see him.
Limit- They was almost killed to a man.
Result- Water has turned to ice.

Less Than- The price of the book is under thirty rupees.
In subordination to, subject to- The volunteers are under me. The case is under trial.
Below- He stood under the tree.
Represented by- He traveled under a disguise.

Accompanied by- I went there with my sister.
Point of reference- He is popular with the people. What is wrong with you?
Instrument- He did it with his own hand.
In spite of- With all his faults, I love him.

Appropriate Prepositions-
Certain word takes particular prepositions after them. A few examples are given below.

Abide By (Obey) - I shall abide by your decision.
Abound in (Being in plenty of number) - Wild animals abound in Indian forests.
Absent from (not being present) - He was absent from the meeting.
Absolve from (free from) - I absolve you from the blame.
Absorbed in (deeply engaged) – He is absorbed in deep thought.
Abstain From (not indulge into) - I shall abstain from smoking.
Accede to (Agree with) – I cannot accede to your request.
Access to (right of approaching) - We have free access to him.,
Accessible to (available) – The MLA is accessible to the common people.
Accommodate with (help) - He accommodated me with a loan.
Accompanied by (being companion) – I was accompanied there by my friends.
Accomplished in (Expert) – The girl is accomplished in singing.
Accord to (give) - They accorded a grand reception to the leader.
Accountable to (responsible)- We all are accountable to God for all our deeds.
Accused of (Charged) - He was accused of theft.
Acquit of (Release) – I acquit you of the charge.
Adapted to (one’s ability) – This work is not adapted to my abilities.
Addicted to (Having deep affection for something) – He is addicted to alcohol.
Adept in (efficient) – He is adept in music.
Adequate to (sufficient) – This amount is adequate to our need.
Adjacent to (Close to) - His house is adjacent to mine.
Admit to (taken to place)- Her mother is admitted to the hospital.
Adverse to (Against) –
Your plan is adverse to our interest.
Affinity between (Similarity)- There is a affinity between two siblings.
Agree With (Having similar opinion) - I am agreed with you on this point.
Aim at (target) - He aimed at the flying bird.
Alliance with- England has formed an alliance with us.
Alive to (conscious of) – I am alive to my danger.
Allot To (assign) – Fifty percent of the total land is allotted to me.
Aloof from (Keep Away)- Keep aloof from bad friends.

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