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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

English Grammar: One Word Substitution Lists - 3

English Grammar: One Word Substitution Lists - 3

One Word Substitution - Lists: 3

Dear Readers,
English Language is an important section to crack in the upcoming SSC CGL, IBPS exams. You should practice the English Quiz on a regular basis and must follow the English study notes from Achiever's Rule to prepare for your upcoming exams. You may download the available PDFs.

  • Surplus- It is an amount which is more than the amount which is needed.
  • Gratuity- It is an amount of money which is given to the retiring soldiers or employee.
  • Honorarium- It is an amount of money which is paid for a service.

  • Pension- It is an amount of money which a company or Govt. pays to the person who is old or sick and no longer works.
  • Kickback- It is an amount of money which is given to someone in return for providing help in a secret and dishonest business deal.
  • Lump Sum- It is an amount of money which is paid at one time.
  • Outlay - It is an amount of money which is spent.
  • Levy- It is an amount of money which must be paid and collected by a Govt. or other Authority.

  • Output- It is an amount of something which is produced by a person or thing.
  • Tenure- It is the amount of time that a person holds an office, job or title.
  • Wacky- It refers to something amusing and very strange.
  • Vixen- It refers to an angry, unpleasant but attractive woman.
  • Wrangle- It refers to an argument which is complicated and continues over a long period of time.
  • Proctor- It refers to an invigilator at University or college Examination.
  • Codex- It refers to an ancient text in the form of a book, official list of medicines or chemicals.
  • Indignation- It refers to the anger caused by some unfair or wrong thing.
  • Diatribe- A long and angry speech which strongly criticizes someone or something.
  • Virago- It refers to an angry woman who complains and criticizes other people.
  • Parasite- It refers to an animal and plant which lives in or another animal or plant to get food or protection from it.
  • Quadruped- It is an animal which has four feet.
  • Nag- It is an act to annoy someone by often complaining about his/her behaviour.
  • Chagrin- It refers to the distress at being failed or humiliated.
  • Almanac- It is an annual Calendar which contains important dates and statistical information.
  • Province- It is a large part that some countries are divided into.
  • Meridian- It is referred to anyone of the lines which go from the North Pole to South Pole on the maps of world.
  • Forthcoming- It refers to something arriving soon.
  • Vicinity- It is an area near a particular place.
  • Oasis- It is an area in a desert where plants and water are available.
  • Landscape- It is an area of land which has a particular quality or appearance.
  • Lagoon- It is an area of sea water which is separated from the ocean by a reef.
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