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English Grammar: One Word Substitution Lists - 4

English Grammar: One Word Substitution Lists - 4

One Word Substitution Lists - 4

Dear Readers,
You should practice the English Quiz on a regular basis and must follow the English study notes from Achiever's Rule to prepare for your upcoming exams. It can be beneficial for you to crack in the upcoming SSC CGL, IBPS exams.  You may download the available PDFs.

  • Quagmire-It is soft area with wet ground or the situation which is hard to deal with or get out of. 
  • Hinterland- It is an area which is not close to to any city or town.  

  • Enclave- It is an area with the people who are different in some way from the areas around it. 
  • Purview- It is an area within which someone or something has influence, authority or knowledge.
  • Squabble- It means to argue loudly about the things which are not important.
  • Spar- It means to argue with someone in a friendly way.
  • Chronology- These are the arrangements of events or dates in the order of their occurrence.  
  • Wreath- It is arrangement of leaves, fruits, flowers etc. in the shape of a circle which is used for decoration.
  • Rendezvous- It is an arrangement to meet somebody at a particular place and time. 
  • Influx- It is known as the arrival of large number of people.  
  • Bonsai- It is an art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed varieties of tree and shrubs in pots.
  • Pedagogy- It is an art, science or profession of teaching.
  • Requisition- It is process of asking  for or demanding and taking something for one's use.
  • Ad fin- It refers at or near the end of a piece of writing.  
  • Aspersion- It refers the attacking on the reputation and integrity of something or someone.
  • Bouquet- It refers to an attractively arranged bunch of flowers which is especially gifted at a ceremony.  
  • Run-Of-the-mill- It refers to average or ordinary.  
  • Hunchback- It refers to a back in which the spine is curved in an abnormal way.  
  • Vice- It refers to the bad or immoral behaviour or habits.  
  • Debauchery- It is bad or immoral behaviour which involves drugs, alcohol etc.
  • Untoward- It refers to something which is not unfavourable.  
  • Arbitrary- It is something based on random choices or personal whims rather than any reason or system.
  • Prima Facie- It is based on what is known or seen when something is considered first.  
  • Infrastructure- It refers to the basic equipment and structures which are needed for a country, region or organization to function properly.
  • Herald- It is a sign of something which is beginning to happen or will happen soon.  
  • Sulk- It refers to being angry or upset about something and to refuse to discuss it with other people.
  • Bereave- It refers to being deprived of a close relation or friend through their death.
  • Reverberate- It refers to something being repeated several times as it is reflected off different surface.
  • Flog- It refers to the beat or whip someone severely.  
  • Belle- It refers to a beautiful woman.
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