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English Grammar: One Word Substitution Lists - 5

English Grammar: One Word Substitution Lists - 5

One Word Substitution Lists - 5

Dear Readers,
You must solve the English Quiz on a regular basis and must follow the English study notes and other Articles from Achiever's Rule to prepare for your upcoming exams. It will help you to crack in the upcoming SSC CGL, IBPS exams.  You may download the available PDFs.
  • Adjourn- It refers to the break off (game, session, legal case) with the intention to resume it later.
  • Terse- It means brief and direct in a way which may seem unfriendly or rude.
  • Skirmish- It refers to brief or unplanned fight during a war.

  • Lull- It refers to the brief time when an activity and action stops.
  • Jaunts- It refers to the brief trips taken for pleasure.
  • Memorandum- It is the brief written message or reports from one person or department in a company or organization to another.
  • Resuscitate- It refers to bring an unconscious person back to a conscious or active state again.
  • Wreckage-It refers to the broken parts of a vehicle or building which has been badly damaged or destroyed.
  • Sibling- It means brother or sister.
  • Premise- It refers to a building and the area of land that it is on. It also refers to the statements or idea which is accepted as being true and that is used as the basis of an argument.
  • Granary- It is the building in which the grain is stored.
  • Crematorium- It is the building in which the bodies of dead people are burned.
  • Tomb- It is building or chamber above or below the ground in which a dead body is kept.
  • Planetarium- It is the building or room in which images of stars, planets etc., are shown on a high, curved ceiling.
  • Synagogue- It is the building which is used for Jewish religious services.
  • Hangar- It is the building where the aircraft are kept.
  • Haute Couture- It refers to the business of making fashionable and expensive cloths for women.
  • Racket- It is the business which makes money through illegal activities.
  • Per Capita- It means by or for each person.
  • Cut-line- It refers to a caption of photograph or other illustration.
  • Trump- It is the card from the pack which is chosen as most valuable for a particular card game.
  • Upkeep- It refers to the care or maintenance of building, equipment etc.
  • Diligence- It refers to careful and persistent works or efforts.
  • Strategy- It is the careful method of achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time.
  • Impregnate- It is a cause to be filled or soaked with something.
  • Inundate- It refers to a cause (someone or something) to receive or take to a large amount of things at the same time.
  • Upend- It is the cause (someone) to  fall down or be turned over.
  • Scatter- It refers to the cause (thing or people) to separate and go in different directions.
  • Affliction- It is the cause of pain or harm.
  • Limelight- It refers to the center of public attention.

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