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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

English Grammar - Idioms And Phrases Set 1

English Grammar - Idioms And Phrases Set 1

English Grammar - Idioms And Phrases Set 1

Dear Readers,
English is easy to learn if you want to. Follow the English Quiz and other posts from Achiever's Rule and learn English easily. It can help you to crack the upcoming Govt. service exams with flying colours. You must download the available PDFs.
Cry Over Split Milk- To Complain regarding a failure or loss from past.
Sentence- There is no use of crying over split milk as he should study more to pass in the exam.

Piece of Cake- Easy thing to do or understand.
Sentence- Defeating Australia at their home ground will not be a piece of cake for team India.

Once in Blue Moon- Things that happens rarely.
Sentence- Once in blue moon, she can be seen in the class.

Chip on Your Shoulder- Being sad about something bad that happened in the past.
Sentence- He has a chip on his shoulder for being left by his wife after 2 years of marriage.

Come hell or High Water- Possible Obstacles that can't stop someone in their path.
Sentence- Ram has decided which come hell or high water he will get a Government job.

Blessing in disguise- Something useful and good which initially does not seem that way.
Sentence- Her accident was a blessing in disguise because it helps her to recognize the true well-wishers.

Taste of Your Own Medicine- Receiving the same negative treatment that someone used to give others.
Sentence- She always hurt others, god would give her taste of her own medicine.

Golden Handshake- A big amount of money which is given to the person when someone retires or leaves a company.
Sentence- The Party has given a golden handshake to the workers after wining in the election.

Mean Business- Being dedicated/serious.
Sentence- The haunted building is sealed by the Police who means business.

Apple of one's eye- Being more loved than others.
Sentence- Sweta, who is the class topper, is the apple of her teacher's eye.

Beating around the Bush- To avoid main topic.
Sentence- He was beating around the bush while his friend complained to the Principal about his non-cooperation.

Spill the Beans- Disclosing a secret.
Sentence- Sweety has spilled the beans about the surprise birthday party of Geeta to her.

The Best of Both Worlds- Benefits of different situations enjoyed at a same time.
Sentence- You have the best of both worlds as you can work while doing the Master Degree.

Feeling a Bit under the Weather- Feeling ill slightly.
Sentence- Sweta may not be able to go to school as she is feeling a bit under the weather.

Cost an arm and a leg- Very Expensive.
Sentence- His ignorance towards his health may cost an arm and a leg in future.

Icing on the Cake- Something good that turns to be great.
Sentence- Getting the job along with the marriage proposal from her childhood friend is like icing on the cake.

Ball in your Court- When it is up to someone to take next decision.
Sentence- Now the ball is in your court; decide whether you leave the job or go abroad.

Jump the Bandwagon- To join a trend or popular activity.
Sentence- At college Sam quickly jumps the bandwagon and join the rock band.

Can't Judge a Book by its Cover- Not to judge something by its external appearance.
Sentence- The dress look good. But I want to try it in the trial room as I can't judge a book by its cover.

Bite off More Than You Can Chew- To take up a huge task which can not be managed due to some inabilities.
Sentence- I bite off more than I can chew as I have joined to pursue Phd. leaving the secured job.

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