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Deep Sea Fishing Scheme- An Overview

Deep Sea Fishing Scheme- An Overview

Deep Sea Fishing Scheme- An Overview

The fishermen of South India have been facing many difficulties in fishing in the Palk Strait. To overcome the problems of them, the Central Govt. has launched a new scheme name Deep Sea Fishing Scheme. The scheme is launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Rameswaram. According to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu K Palaniswamy, this scheme has fulfilled a long-time demand of the fishermen.   Under this scheme the Bottom Trawlers will be converted to Deep Sea Long Liners. This initiative is taken up by the Government under the Blue Revolution scheme.

Facts about Blue Revolution Scheme-

To develop the agriculture and fishery sectors of India, the Central Govt. has planned a scheme named as Blue Revolution scheme. Under this scheme, the development and smooth management of the sector of fishery to increase the production of fish is given major importance. This scheme also covers the improvement of resources in the marine, inland fisheries and deep sea fishing. This scheme is implemented to attain the prosperity of the fishermen. It would also contribute to ensure the food security through the proper utilization of the water resources for the development of fisheries. The environmental factors are also considered with equal importance.

Facts about the Deep-Sea Fishing Scheme-

  • The fishermen of Tamilnadu would get long line trawlers for fishing in the deep sea including the Palk Strait area.
  • All the Bottom Trawling boats are converted to the Deep Sea long Line Trawlers.
  • A total fund of Rs. 1500 Crore would be allocated for the scheme by the Union Govt. over a time.
  • At present the Center has contributed Rs 200 Crore while the Tamilnadu Government has allotted Rs. 36 Crore for the Bottom line Trawlers to Long Line Trawlers conversion.  
  • At first, total 500 Bottom Trawlers must be converted to the Long Liners. This process would cost approximately Rs. 286 Crore. 2000 trawlers will be converted with that in three phrases. Total Rs. 1621 Crore will cost for this entire conversion.
  • The Deep Sea liners are expected to be very beneficial for the fishermen to ensure their security.
  • This Long Line Trawlers will help the fishermen to catch fish on the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) beyond the territorial waters.
  • The Over Exploitation of the marine life of shallow water will be prevented and the resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India will be harnessed.
  • The Deep Sea Vessels must have processors and freezers to store fish in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
The fishermen of South India face problems while fishing in the Palk Strait. The use of the Bottom Trawlers was opposed by the Sri Lankan Govt. As a result, the fishermen and the trawlers are frequently arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy in charge of the poaching. The conversion of the Bottom Trawlers to Long Line Trawlers will definitely benefit the fishermen. This initiative will bring a fishing revolution in India.
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