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Computer Awareness MCQ for IBPS PO - Set 11

Computer Awareness MCQ for IBPS PO

Computer Awareness Practice Questions Set

Computer Awareness is one of the important parts to crack the Banking service examinations like IBPS PO, SBI, IBPS- Clerk. You must follow Achiever's Rule as it provides adequate study materials and MCQ set for these exams. Practice the Computer Awareness Quiz to prepare well for your exam.
Q1.What is the value of minimum bandwidth that is required for Broadband Connection ?
A]512 kbps
B]128 kbps
C]256 kbps
D]2044 kbps
E]None of these

Q2. Which of the following is used to measure the output quality of a printer ?
A]Dots Printed per unit time
B]Dot per Square Inch
C]Dot per Inch
D]Dot per Cube Inch
E]All of these

Q3.Which one of the following was/were special purpose computer ?
D]All of these
E]None of these

Q4.What is the minimum requirement of RAM (Random Access Memory) for accessing internet ?
A]64 MB
B]32 MB
C]16 MB
D]8 MB
E]None of these

Q5.Magnetic Disc is treated as the popular medium for which of the following ?
A]Sequential Access
B]Direct Access
C]Random Access
D]Both A and B
E]None of these

Q6.Which of the following is used to measure the Tape speed ?
A]Inch Per Second
B]Feet Per Second
C]Meter Per Second
D]Centimeter Per Second
E]None of these

Q7.Magnetic Disc reads data by using which of the following ?
B]Read/Write Leads
D]Lower Surface
E]None of these

Q8.Which of the following statements are correct about VDU ?
A]It is an Output Device.
B]It is an Input Device.
C]It is a peripheral device.
D]It is a hardware item.
E]None of these

Q9.The technique, that is used to convert an analog signal into digital bit stream, is known as which of the following ?
A]Pulse stretcher
B]Pulse code modulation
C]Queue management
D]Query processing
E]None of these

Q10.Which Storage device can store maximum amount of data ?
A]Floppy Disk
B]Compact Disk
C]Hard Disk
D]Magneto-Optic Disk
E]None of these

Q11.Which of the following produces the best quality of graphics production ?
B]Dot Matrix Printer
C]Ink Jet Printer
D]Laser Printer
E]None of these

Q12.Which of these is not an Input Device ?
A]Optical Scanners
C]Computer Output to Microfilm
D]Voice Recognition Devices
E]None of these

Q13.Which of the following processes refers to a data to be arranged in a logical sequence ?
E]None of these

Q14.TCP stands for which of the following ?
A]Transfer Control Protocol
B]Transaction Control Protocol
C]Transmission Control Protocol
D]Transition Control Protocol
E]None of these

Q15.What is NAT ?
A]Network Adjusted Translator
B]Network Address Translator
C]Network Access Translator
D]Network Acquired Translator
E]None of these

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