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Banking e-Lobbies in India - Quick Facts

Banking e-Lobbies in India - Quick Facts

Banking e-Lobbies: A new initiative by banks


  • e-Lobby is the new facility offered by bank is that all customers are able to make their banking transactions at any time without their restriction. 
  • It saves their time because they cannot stand in line to finish their work and provide many banking services that will not offer ATMs! In during bank holidays customers can use it. 
  • It is ideal for small traders, businessmen and shopkeepers to deposit cash at any time. 
  • Using e-banking you can save both time and money by conduct with your day-to-day banking business. If you do not have to stand in the bank line and wants to first service you can go for e-Banking. It is already free if your customer is already one of the package. 
  • Tired of getting mail received bill? Get your bill directly through e-banking. You will help get a good overview of your financial situation and reduce paper costs. 
  • e-Banking gives you a short description of your transaction. You can always check your balance, more long-term budgets and you also can use e-Banking to monitor your pension savings. 

Self Service Facilities: 
  1. Cash Deposit. 
  2. Cash withdrawals. 
  3. Mobile Phone top-ups. 
  4. Railway Ticket Booking. 
  5. Card to Card Transaction. 
  6. Card to Account Transaction. 
  7. Cheque Drop Box. 
  8. Passbook Printing. 
  9. Debit Card PIN Generation. 
  10. Coin Generate Machine. 
  11. Q- Management & Token Management Systems. 
  12. Mini Statement Check. 
  13. Opening Fixed Deposit (FD)/ Recurring Deposit (RD) account. 
  14. NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer). 
  15. SMS Alerts. 
  16. Various Bill Payment etc. 
  • Features are dependent on e-lobbies of various banks. 
  • Digital e-lobbies must help banks to move around with the digital development of the account opening process, facilitate processes and provide a perfect digital experience to our upcoming customers. 
  • e-lobby has an internet banking, kiosk for internet banking transactions. Kiosk is user friendly and can be easily used by customers. 
  • We believe real-time software services provide banking services, remote monitoring, and real-time status reports of all the unique products installed in e-lobbies up time and 24x7 subscribers. 
  • In India, novel ATMs are being introduced as Solar ATM and Smart ATM, increasing the growth of digital e-lobbies in rural and semi-urban areas. 
  • Different types of e-lobbies offer different types of benefits, such as how much money can be deposited daily, submitting notes of the notes etc.
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