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Vitamins - Everything You Need To Know

Vitamins - Everything You Need To Know

Vitamins - Everything You Need To Know

The important organic compound, which is required in human body as a nutrient in limited amounts, is known as Vitamins. As the vitamins cannot be synthesized in human body in sufficient quantities, these are taken from the outside sources.

Importance of Vitamins-
There are several importance of Vitamins.
  1. They help to heal wounds and strengthen the immune system.
  2. It converts food into energy and repairs cellular damage.
  3. It helps to form Collagen.
  4. Deficiency of Vitamins can lead to several diseases in human body.

Types of Vitamins-
Vitamin A-
  Chemical Name- Retinol
  Solubility- Fat
  Food Sources- Liver, Orange, Green Vegetables, Fish, Soya Milk, Carrots, Milk etc.
  Deficiency Syndrome- Night Blindness, Hyperkeratosis

Vitamin B1-
  Chemical Name- Thiamine
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Liver, Eggs, Potatoes, Oatmeal, Vegetables etc.
  Deficiency Syndrome- Beriberi

Vitamin B2-
  Chemical Name- Riboflavin
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Dairy Products, Bananas, Green Beans etc.
  Deficiency Syndrome- Ariboflavinosis

Vitamin B3-
  Chemical Name- Niacin
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Fish, eggs, meat, Mushrooms, vegetables etc.
  Deficiency Syndrome- Pellagra

Vitamin B5-
  Chemical Name- Pantothenic Acid
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Brocoli, meat, avocados
  Deficiency Syndrome- Paresthesia( Skin Disease)

Vitamin B6-
  Chemical Name- Pyridoxine
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Vegetables, meat, bananas
  Deficiency Syndrome- Anemia

Vitamin B7-
  Chemical Name- Biotin
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Green Vegetables, Liver, Raw egg yolk
  Deficiency Syndrome- Dermatitis

Vitamin B9-
  Chemical Name- Folic Acid
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Vegetables, Pasta, Bread, liver, Cereal
  Deficiency Syndrome- Megaloblastic Anemia

Vitamin B12-
  Chemical Name- Cyanocobalamin
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Meat, Poultry, Egg, Fish, Milk
  Deficiency Syndrome- Pernicious Anemia

Vitamin C-
  Chemical Name- Ascorbic Acid
  Solubility- Water
  Food Sources- Fruits, Vegetables, Liver
  Deficiency Syndrome- Scurvy

Vitamin D-
  Chemical Name- Calciferol
  Solubility- Fat
  Food Sources- Mushrooms, Egg, Fish, Liver
  Deficiency Syndrome- Ricket, Osteomalacia

Vitamin E-
  Chemical Name- Tocopherol
  Solubility- Fat
  Food Sources- Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables
  Deficiency Syndrome- poor transmission of nerve impulses,, degeneration of the retina, muscle weakness, Sterility in males and miscarriage in female

Vitamin K-
  Chemical Name- Phylloquinone
  Solubility- Fat
  Food Sources- Spinach, Egg yolks, Liver
  Deficiency Syndrome- Bleeding disorder

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