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Types of Printers - Complete Notes

Types of Printers - Complete Notes
Types of Printers - Complete Notes

Definition of Printers- 
A printer is an electro-mechanical device which accepts text, graphic output from a personal computer or laptop and transfers that information to papers. Printers can vary in speed, sophistication, cost and price.
Types of Printers-
Generally Printers are of two types- Impact Printers and Non Impact Printers.Though Impact Printers make noise while printing, it is useful to print multi part forms like invoice.
Impact Printers-
This kind of Printers work by putting a needle or head against the ink ribbon to create a mark on the paper. The Dot-matrix printers, Daisy-Wheel printers and Line printers are the example of Impact Printers.
  • It uses pressure to create an image, they work in case of multi-part forms which have leaves either of carbon paper or use carbon-imprinted paper.
  • It prints one line at a time instead of one page. It's paper feed mechanisms are designed to use continuous forms.
  • It produces high quality output.
  • It can only print in a single character and font size. 
  • These are extremely slow. It can print only 10 characters per second.
Dot Matrix Printer-
This kind of Printer uses a print head which moves back and forth or in up and down motion on the page. The Dot Matrix Printer prints by impact by striking an ink-soaked ribbon against the paper like the print mechanism of a typewriter.It is of 2 types i.e. Serial Dot Matrix Printer and Line Dot Matrix Printer.

Daisy-Wheel Printers-
This kind of Printers use interchangeable pre-formed type elements with typically 96 symbols. It generates high-quality output. Daisy wheel printing is used in word processors, electronic typewriters and computers. It is so named as it resembles to the Daisy flower.

Line Printers-
This kind of Printers print one whole line of a text at a time.It is  faster as each impact prints an entire line. It is of five types.E.g. Drum printers, Chain Printers, Bar Printers, Comb Printers and Wheel Printers.

Non Impact Printers-
The print-heads of Non- Impact Printers does not strike on the page. This kind of Printer prints without putting a ribbon on the paper. Laser, Inkjet, Thermal Printers are examples of Non-Impact Printers. It is quieter than the impact printers as they don't strike the page physically.

  • This kind of Printer has good resolutions as they use drops of ink measured in toner particles which are measured in micrometers. 
  • It provides much higher resolutions and can work silently.
  • This kind of printer is costly.
Laser Printer-
It uses an electrostatic digital printing process. It produces text and graphics of high quality by repeatedly passing  laser beam back and forth on a negatively charged cylinder Drum to produce a deferentially charged image.

Inkjet Printer-
It produces a digital image by putting droplets of ink on plastic, paper or other substrates.It prints using piezoelectric crystals to deposit materials on substrates directly.

Thermal Printers-
It produces a printed image by heating selectively the heating coated paper. When the paper passes over the thermal print head, coating becomes black in heated areas and produces an image.
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