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SIDBI - Objectives, Organisations and Functions


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  • Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) was set up by a Small Industries Development Bank of India Act, 1989 of Parliament on 2nd April, 1990
  • It is an independent financial institution whose goal is to help India's micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) growth and development. 
  • It was a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)
  • It is supporting all organizations encouraging small entrepreneurs. 
  • It is headquartered in Lucknow, India

  • To motivate employment-oriented industries. 
  • To promote marketing of products of small scale sector. 
  • Small scale assistants and small financial sectors provide further financial support. 
  • Coordination of all other organizations involved in the promotion of small industry. 
  • For the development of modernization of technology and small-scale units. 
  • SIDBI has 10 Board of Directors. 
  • Chairman and Managing Director [Kshatrapati Shivaji] 
  • 3 Deputy Managing Directors 
  • Subsidiary and Associate Organisations – 
  • Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises 
  • SME Rating Agency of India Ltd. 
  • India SME Asset Reconstructive Company Ltd. 
  • India SME Technology Services Limited. 
  • SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd. (SVCL) 
  • SIDBI Trustee Company Ltd. (STCL) 
  • Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd. (MUDRA) 
Direct Finance: 
Since the beginning, CDB has been providing re-payment from the beginning, SIDBI has been given rehabilitation of the State Finance Corporation / State Industrial Development Corporation / State Industrial Centers / State Corporations / Banks etc., against the Development Corporation / bank etc. against their loans. , Small scale units given to them against their debt. Estimates from small scale units. 
SIDBI’s Direct Finance Scheme are – 
Project for special marketing agencies and Project for special marketing agencies. 
Their plans for achieving the ISO 9000 series certification on the existing Export Oriented Unit (EOS) project for existing Export Oriented Unit (EOS). Enable them to earn their ISO 9000 series certification. 
SIDBI’s Direct Financial Plans - 
Project for expansion / diversification of small scale units. Project for expansion / diversification of small scale units. 

International Finance Scheme: 
  • International funding is available from pre-invoices and is available from international money-saving and post-run credit; Post Run Credit Post. 
  • The main objectives of various international funding are the main objectives of various international financing, to enable small industries to enable small industry to raise money at competitive rates internationally at competitive rates, to help finance small industries. Their export is less. 
  • Depending on the normal trade conditions and on the normal trade terms payable to buyers abroad and the limited time limits required based on the credit period, exporters do not exceed 180 days or the credit period of the foreign buyers exceed 180 days. 
Function of SIDBI: 
  • It provides seed capital / soft loan assistance under the National Equity Fund, Women Entrepreneur Fund and Women Development Fund and Seed Capital Project
  • It reconsider the loan and progress given to existing lending institutions in small scale units. 
  • It provides services in small units like factoring, leasing, etc. 
  • It provides financial assistance to the Small Industries Corporation for supply, rental, capital and marketing support to small units. 
  • It sells equipment and discs of bill and red carpet bill produced by small-scale industry units. 
  • It provides financial assistance to the State Small Industries Corporation for supplying great raw material for the sale and marketing of small unit products. 

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