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Shramik Anyapurna Yojona- An Initiative for Food

Shramik Anyapurna Yojona- An Initiative for Food

 Shramik Anyapurna Yojona- An Initiative for Food

The workers and labourers are the main pillars of a developed state. To provide some help to the labourers of the state, the Gujrat Government has launched a new scheme named as “ Shramik Anyapurna Yojona”. Under this scheme, hot and nutritious subsidized meals are provided to the labourers of the state. The scheme initially was launched on experimental basis among 83 construction sites of Gujrat where the masons are hired for various projects.

The scheme, which was launched by Gujrat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, has similarity with the “Den Dayal Rasoi Yojona” of Madhya Pradesh and “Amma Canteen” of Tamilnadu on the basis of its purpose. The UttarPradesh Govt. has also started “Anyapurna Rasoi” scheme in which breakfast would be given at Rs. 3 and meal would be provided at Rs. 5 only. The " Shramik Anyapurna Yojona" scheme would be implemented in Ahmedabad, Surat, Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Valsad and Vadodara.

Features of the Scheme-
  • Under the "Shramik Anyapurna Yojona" scheme, complete meal will be provided at Rs. 10 only to the construction workers.
  • The total lunch consists of dal, sabji, roti and rice. The estimated total cost of the meal is approximately Rs. 30 per plate. Out of it, the workers have to pay Rs. 10 as the rest amount must be provided by the Govt. as the subsidy per meal.
  • The meal would be provided by the Govt. to the construction workers at their working sites across the state.
  • The subsidized meal would also be given to the family members of the workers if they are present at the construction site.
  • Foods would be provided to the poor workers two times at their construction sites by the State Govt.
  • The workers, who are registered under the Labour Board, can avail the facility of the scheme.
  • The menu of the meal can be changed on the basis of the feedback received from the labourers.
Advantages of Shramik Anyapurna Yojona- 
  • The labourers of Gujrat state would be provided one plate complete meal which consists of five Rotis, mixed vegetable sabji, rice, pickle and green chili for Rs. 10 only. On Sunday the local sweet Sera will be added to the meal.
  • The cheap and good quality food will be available in approximately 83 temporary food stalls across the state every day.
Initiatives Taken By the Govt.- 
  • According to the Gujrat Govt., approximately 5.66 lakh labourers are registered to the Labour Board to avail the facility of the scheme.
  • To avoid any kind of corruption the subsidized meal would be served to the workers only after verifying their registration number digitally. 
  • Almost 95% of the total registration is already crosschecked.
  • The food must be served to 25000 workers on daily basis during the trial period.
  • The contract of the "Shramik Anyapurna Yojona"  meal would be given to an agency if it can meet the expectations of Govt.
  • Gujrat State has allocated Rs. 50 Crore for the successful execution of this scheme.
  • The scheme would be implemented in every municipal area of Gujrat.
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