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PMMVY Scheme - A Helping Hand

PMMVY Scheme - A Helping Hand

PMMVY Scheme - A Helping Hand

In India, the infant mortality rate are quite high. Along with the new-born their mothers also suffer from malnutrition  which can cause the untimely death of both of the mother and baby. Non- availability of proper medical care is also an other important reason of this problem. To control it, the Central Govt. has launched a scheme named "Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana" (PMMVY). It is the modified version of earlier Matritva Sahyog Yojana. Under this scheme, all the lactating mothers and pregnant women will get Rs. 6000 by the Govt to take care of their babies and themselves in case of the live  birth for the first time.

Objectives of PMMVY-
According to the Women and Child Development (WCD) Ministry,  the name of the scheme is changed to attract the attention of  the common people.Maximum beneficiaries were not aware about the benefits of the earlier scheme. The new PMMVY scheme would provide several benefits to the pregnant women and the lactating mothers.The main objectives of this scheme are-

  • To compensate the working mothers partially against the loss of their wages and ensure proper nutrition for them.
  • Improvement of the health of pregnant women and the new-born by providing financial assistance.Thus the chances of  undernutrition would automatically be minimized.
  • Create awareness among the mothers regarding appropriate practice,  institutional service and care during the three important phases of their lives i.e. pregnancy, delivery and feeding  through lactation.
  • Encourage the mothers to observe the proper feeding practices to the babies for first 6 months.

Eligibility Criteria For the Scheme-

There are some eligibility criteria for the women to avail this scheme. The pregnant women of rural area of age 19 years and above are eligible to avail the benefit of the scheme for the conditional transfer of cash. They have to register about their pregnancy in the local Anganwadi Center. The pregnant woman must not be an employee of State Govt. or Central Govt. or any PSU. Women, who are already enjoying the same benefits under some other schemes, are also not eligible to avail the  facility of PMMVY.

Advantages of the Scheme-
The PMMVY scheme must benefit the pregnant women and new mothers for the live birth of the first child. The money provided  by the Govt. must directly be credited to the bank accounts of the mothers through the DBT(Direct Benefit Transfer) mode. 

According to the  Government officials, the financial aid would be provided via installments. The First installment of Rs. 1000 will be  provided during registration. The 2nd installment of Rs. 2000 will be given at the time of ANTENATAL check up after 6  months. The last installment of Rs 3000 must be given after the birth of the baby.The new-born must also be registered and  must be vaccinated. The vaccination of OPV(Oral Polio virus Vaccine), BCG (Tuberculosis Vaccine), Hepatitis B, DPT(Diptheria Petrussis Tetanus) must be done properly to claim the rest of the amount. 

The budget of Government for this scheme is approximately Rs, 12,000 Crore for it's implementation. The maximum percentage  of the total fund will be provided by the Central Govt. while rest are given by the State Government.

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