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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

One-Word Substitution For IBPS, SSC CGL - Part 1

One-Word Substitution For IBPS, SSC CGL - Part 1

One-Word Substitution For IBPS, SSC CGL - Part 1

Dear Readers,
English is an important part to qualify in the upcoming SSC CGL, IBPS exams. You must follow the English study notes from Achiever's Rule to prepare for your upcoming exams and must practice the English Quiz on a regular basis. Download the available PDFs.
  • A tax or Levy - Cess
  • A period of time in the past which was idyllically happy and peaceful - Halcyon
  • A judge's private room without any presence of press or public - In Camera

  • An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word - Acronym
  • An ability to do several things at same time - Multitasking
  • An ability to express oneself well in speech - Oracy
  • An ability to make good judgements and make quick decisions - Acumen
  • An Ability to see what might happen in future - Foresight
  • An Ability to stay calm in difficult situations - Sangfroid
  • An ability to think quickly and effectively - Dexterity
  • A Talent, ability, special skill which is essential to do something - Knack
  • Capable to become strong, successful or healthy again after something bad happens - Resilient
  • Capable to do many different things - Versatile
  • Able to exist together without trouble or conflict - Compatible
  • Acceptable according to the law or reasonable - Valid
  • Accepting and following the traditional beliefs and customs of a particular religion - Orthodox
  • An act to bury a dead person - Interment
  • An act of carefully watching someone or something in order to prevent a crime - Surveillance
  • An act of causing two people or groups to become friendly again after a disagreement - Reconciliation
  • An act of committing a serious crime - Felony
  • An act of destroying or damaging deliberately so that it can't work perfectly - Sabotage
  • An act of ending the employment of a worker or group of workers - Layoff
  • An act of explaining something - Exposition
  • An act of getting money back from the people it has been paid to - Clawback
  • An act of going to a place along a way which is different from the planned way - Detour
  • An act of identifying a disease, illness or problem by checking someone - Diagnosis
  • An act of illegally copying the product of someone - Piracy
  • An act of no longer caring for or failure to do one's job or duty - Dereliction
  • An act of officially charging someone with a crime - Indictment
  • An act of remembering past experience - Reminiscence

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