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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

One-Word Substitution For IBPS, SSC CGL - Part 2

One-Word Substitution For IBPS, SSC CGL - Part 2

One-Word Substitution For IBPS, SSC CGL - Part 2

Dear Readers,
English is an important part to qualify in the upcoming SSC CGL, IBPS exams. You must practice the English Quiz on a regular basis and must follow the English study notes from Achiever's Rule to prepare for your upcoming exams. Download the available PDFs.

Vengeance- It is an act to punish or harm somebody in return for the sin they have done to you and your family.
Libel- It is an act to print a false statement about a person and convince people to make a bad opinion about him.
Restitution- It is an act of returning some lost or stolen thing to the owner.

Referral- It is an act of sending someone to another person or place for treatment.
Sacrilege- It is an act of not showing proper respect to a holy place or object.
Name Dropping- It is an act to impress someone by referring some well-known people as his friend/relative.
Blockade- It is an act of sealing off a place to prevent people and goods from entering and leaving.
Gambit- It is a remark or act which is calculated to gain an advantage.
Rite- It is an act which is a part of religious ceremony usually.
Navigation- It is an activity or process to find the way to get to a place when one is traveling in a airplane, car and ship.
Atonement- It is an action of making amends for wrong and injury.
Hypergamy- It is an action of marring a person of superior class or caste.
Redemption- It is an action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange of money or clearing a debt.
Cue- It is an event or action which is a signal to somebody to do something.
Blasphemy- It is known as the action or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God and certain things.
Mimicry- It is an activity or art to copy the behaviour or speech of other people.
Fuss- It is an activity or excitement which is unusual and that often is not wanted.
Bandwagon- It is an activity which involves many people.
Thespian- It identifies a person who is related to drama and theater.
Annotate- It is an act to add notes for giving explanation or comment.
Postscript- It is an additional fact about a story which occurs after the main part.
Graft- It is denoted as the advantages secured as the result of corrupt practice.
Horoscope- It is the advice or future prediction based on the birth date of a person and other planetary positions.
Unanimous- An act which is agreed by everyone.
Truce- An agreement between opponents to stop fighting etc. for a certain period of time.
Hooch- It is an cheap and illegally made alcoholic liquor.
Flora- It refers to all the plants which live in a particular area, time, period or environment.
Repertoire- It refers to all the section which a person able to do.
Privy- It is the allowance to know something secret.
Inveterate- It refers to a long-established habit which is unlikely to change.

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