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Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme - An Overview

 Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme - An Overview
Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme - An Overview

Maharashtra Government has started a new scheme to benefit the girl child across all over the state. This scheme is named as "Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme"(MKBS). It is a replacement of old scheme "Sukanya" which was launched in 2015.This scheme will benefit the families with yearly income up to 7.5 Lakh per year. Like the Kanyashree Prakalpa of West Bengal and Beti Bachao Beti Parao scheme of Central Govt., this scheme aims to enhance the quality of life of the women in Maharashtra. The new Scheme was launched on International Women's Day.
Objective of the Scheme-
  • There is an imbalance in the sex ratio in Maharashtra for a long time. The aim of the Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme is to control sex ratio in the state.
  • A common problem in Indian society is that the economically poor families generally let their sons to finish their education. On the other hand, their daughters leave their studies in middle. Under this scheme, the girls must be able to complete their education without any worry.

Eligibility for the Scheme-
The families with yearly income up to 7.5 Lakh per year, who have one or more than one daughter, can avail the benefit of the scheme. The parents must belong to the BPL category and financially weaker group. If the parents have son, then they will not be further eligible for this scheme.

Brand Ambassador-
The scheme is named after Bollywood film actress Bhagyashree as she is the Brand Ambassador of this scheme.

Features of the Scheme-
  • Under the, Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme, the families , who have one or more than one girl child, must get financial assistance from the Govt. of the respective state for the well upbringing of them. 
  • The financial aid is given for the survival and education for the girl. According to the State Govt., a girl must receive Rs, 1 Lakh per year for education and higher studies when she becomes adult (18 years old). All girls from economically poor or BPL categorized family will avail the facility of the scheme. The mother with only one girl child must get a part of money to raise her daughter.
  • If there are more daughters in a family, the total amount is divided into two parts. When the girl is born, mother will get Rs. 5000 per month till her daughter becomes 5 years old. The child must get Rs. 2000 during this time.After the age, the girl must get Rs. 2500 in a year till her class V. From Class VI to onward the amount will be Rs. 3000 per year in the rest of the school life of her. 
  • If she does not get married at the age of 18, she will get Rs. 1 Lakh per annum to pursue further studies. 
  • Rs. 200 Crore is allotted in the state budget for this scheme to provide the money to the beneficiaries by the State Govt.
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