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Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 5th July 2017

Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 5th July 2017

Daily Current Affairs MCQ- 5th July 2017

Dear Readers,
You must follow the Current Affairs Update and Current Affairs Articles from Achiever's Rule as these are extremely beneficial for your upcoming exam. You should solve the Daily Current Affairs MCQ/Quiz to prepare for your upcoming exams. PDFs are also available.

Q1.Who is selected as the Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
A.Nasim Zaidi
B.Achal Kumar Joti
C.Meera Kumar
D.Neerja Parekh
E.None of them

Q2.The Bill for banning the Hookah Bar in which state is approved by President Pranav Mukherjee?
E.None of these

Q3.Who is appointed as the new Chairman of TATA Global ?
A.Harish Bhat
B.N Chandrashekaran
C.Ratan Tata
D.Sachin Mittal
E.None of them

Q4.Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about QRSAM test fired by India ?
A.It is a short range and Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile
B.It is test-fired at Chandipur, Odissa
C.It has strike range of 25-30 km
D.It is capable of hitting multiple targets
E.All of these

Q5.India has started a 14-day joint military training exercise in Himachal Pradesh with which country ?
D.Sri Lanka
E.None of these

Q6.Which day is celebrated as the Independence day of US ?
A.3rd July
B.4th July
C.5th July
D.6th July
E.None of these

Q7.Madhyapradesh Govt. has planted 6.63 Crore saplings at the river bank for the conservation of which river ?

Q8.What is/are the feature(s) of the Asteroid Deflection Mission by NASA ?
A.It will deflect the near earth asteroid
B.It allows the mankind to protect the earth from potential cosmic body impact
C.It is the first mission of its kind
D.It will use Double Asteroid Redirection Test to defend earth
E.All of these

Q9.Which NGO of India has won the UN Equator Prize for devising an ecologically sustainable agriculture model ?
A.Aarti for Girls, Andhrapradesh
B.Access, Karnataka
C.Swayam Shikshan Prayog, Pune
D.Antarang Foundation, Maharashtra
E.None of these

Q10.Which country faced most recent outbreak of Ebola Virus which is now ended ?
D.Democratic Republic of Congo
E.None of these

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