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Daily Current affairs MCQ- 2nd And 3rd July 2017

Daily Current affairs MCQ- 2nd And 3rd July 2017

Daily Current affairs MCQ- 2nd And 3rd July 2017

Dear Readers,
You should follow the Daily Current Affairs Update and Current Affairs Articles from Achiever's Rule and practice the Daily Current Affairs MCQ/Quiz to prepare well for your upcoming Banking and SSC CGL exams. You must download the available PDFs.
Q1.Which Indian IPS officer has won the Trafficking in Persons Hero Award 2017 of U.S. Government ?
A.Suresh Sahoo
B.Mahesh Bhagwat
C.Virender Kansal
D.Nikhil Yadav
E.None of them

Q2.Who is appointed as the chief of Indo-China Border Guarding Force ?
A.Krishna Chowdhury
B.Subhas Nanda
C.R K Pachnanda
D.Ashok Khemka
E.None of them

Q3.Which of the following Day is celebrated as the National Doctor's Day ?
A.July 2
B.July 1
C.July 3
D.June 30
E.None of these

Q4.Who has appointed as the ambassador of Greece ?
A.M Manimekalai
B.S Ramakhrishnan
C.Shamma Jain
D.Purav Singh
E.None of them

Q5.Who will be honoured the Great Immigrants Award 2017 of US ?
A.Shantanu Narayen
B.Vivek Murthy
C.Mukhesh Mittal
D.Both B and C
E.Both A and B

Q6.The mobile App of Ministry of Health and UNDP 'eVIN' stands for which of the following ?
A.Emergency Vaccine Intelligence Network
B.Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network
C.Essential Vaccine Intelligence Network
D.Enabled Vaccine Intelligence Network
E.None of these

Q7.Which of the following company has launched Asia-Africa-Europe Submarine Cable System ?
C.Reliance Jio

Q8.What is the recent rank of India in terms of money parked by its citizen with Swiss Banks ?

Q9.International Co-operative Day is celebrated on which of the following days ?
A.First Sunday of July
B.First Monday of July
C.First Satureday of July
D.First Friday of July
E.First Tuesday of July

Q10.Where is the largest Fresh Water Aquarium is situated ?
A.Kajiranga National Park, Assam
B.Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
C.Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand
D.Bhagwan Birsa Munda Biodiversity Park, Jharkhand
E.None of these

Q11.Who has received the Global Leadership Award of the US-India Business Council ?
A.Mukesh Ambani
B.Anil Ambani
C.Laxmi Mittal
D.Aditya Birla
E.Adi Godrej

Q12.Who has received the 'Best Astrologer of the World' in Moscow ?
A.S Guruswami
B.P. Iyer
C.T S Vineeth Bhatt
D.Mukesh Sinha
E.None of these

Q13.Energy Efficiency Services Limited has signed MoU with which country to implement energy efficiency programs ?
B.Saudi Arabia
E.None of these

Q14.Which of the following statements is/are true about 'National Biopharma Mission' ?
A.It is launched by Union Ministry of Science And Technology
B.It is Industry-Academia mission
C.Its main motto is to accelerate bio pharmaceutical development
D.It is launched by the collaboration of Indian Govt. and World Bank
E.All of these

Q15.The Ultra Mega Solar Photo-voltaic Power Park will be set up in which state of India ?
E.None of these

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