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Daily Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 14

Daily Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 14

Daily Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ- Set 14

Dear Readers,
Practice the Daily Banking and Financial Awareness MCQ/ quiz and be prepared for the upcoming IBPS, SBI exams. The Banking Articles available on Achiever's Rule can be helpful for your preparation. Download the available PDFs as those are the most effective study material. 

Q1.Which section of banking regulation act 1949 deals with the return of unclaimed deposits ?
A.Section 27
B.Section 26
C.Section 23
D.Section 21
E.None of these

Q2.Who is the Chairman of GST Council ?
A.Prime Minister
C.Finance Minister
D.Governor General of India
E.None of them

Q3.GST was passed through which Amendment Bill of the Constitution ?
A.124 Amendment Bill, 2016
B.120 Amendment Bill, 2016
C.121 Amendment Bill, 2016
 D.122 Amendment Bill, 2016
E.None of these

Q4.NUUP stands for which of the following ?
A.Nationalized Uniform USSD Platform
B.New Universal USSD Platform
C.National Unified USSD Platform
D.New Unified USSD Platform
E.None of These

Q5.Which of the following taxes are bounded with GST ?
A.Entry Tax
B.Luxury Tax
C.Food Tax
D.Entertainment Tax
E.All of these

Q6.GSTN stands for which of the following ?
A.Goods Ans Sales Tax Network
B.Goods And Service Tax Network
C.Good And Simple Tax Network
D.Good And Systematic Tax Network
E.None of these

Q7.Which of the payment Services is available 24*7 ?
E.None of these

Q8.QSAM stands for which of the following ?
A.Quick Service On Adhaar Mapper
B.Quick Systematic On Adhaar Mapper
C.Query Service On Adhaar Mapper
D.Queued Service On Adhaar Mapper
E.None of these

Q9.How much GST is charged on the Purchase of fresh vegetables ?

Q10.Which section of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 deals with the Cheque ?
A.Section 4
B.Section 5
C.Section 6
D.Section 10
E.Section 12

Q11.Who governs the purchases of securities ?
A.Transaction Tax
B.Securities Tax
C.Purchase Tax
D.Securities Transaction Tax
E.None of these

Q12.Which section of Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 deals with the Bill of Exchange ?
A.Section 1
B.Section 3
C.Section 7
D.Section 12
E.Section 5

Q13.IFSC stands for which of the following ?
A.International Financial System Code
B.Indian Financial System Code
C.Integrated Financial System Code
D.Innovative Financial System Code
E.None of these

Q14.How much GST will be applicable for the purchase of Gold?

Q15.GSTN creates a platform for which of the following ?
A.Stake Holders
C.Tax Payers
D.Only A and B
E.All of these

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