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Banking Terms and Glossary : Part - 2 (Alphabet - B)



Essential for All Upcoming Bank Exams
  • Balance Due - Required funding by a credit card or HELOC with a specific date This may include balance or fees due to a past.
  • Band of investment - A method of determining a cap rate mixed with return or cash flow required by equity lenders with interest rate or interest rate by a loan lender.
  • Bank Statement - In time the bank gives a statement of the deposit account of a customer. It shows all deposited deposits, all the checks and other debits paid are posted in this period (usually one month), as well as the current balance. 
  • Banker’s Acceptance - Accept the obligation to pay the holder's holder on the date of the exchange deadline, or the exchange bill, which a bank has accepted, which accepts the principal value of the instrument of the specified maturity date. Bankers' approval is generally used to export, import, run, or store the goods.

  • Basel II - General name of the capital guidelines issued by the International Services (BIS) located in Basel, Switzerland. Basel II Capital Guidelines follow previous, much easier, BIS instructions. The guidelines are developed by an International Committee of Banking Regulators and implemented by the regulations issued by national regulators.
  • Basel III - Revised capital and liquidity risk regulations published by the bank for international services. The rules include a quantitative requirement called Liquidity Coverage Resolutions (LCR) and a requirement for Net Static Funding Ration (NSFR).
  • Beneficiary - A person who is entitled to the benefit of a will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, annual scholarship or other contract.
  • Billing Date - Monthly, date and year when a periodic or monthly statement is made, calculations are made for proper payment, due to minimum payment, and new balance has been achieved.
  • Balance of Payment - The statement showing the commercial and financial transactions of the country (all financial transactions), in exchange for a dividend or payment of money received from other countries over time.
  • Bank Credit - Term loan, cash credit, overdraft, purchase and discount bill, bank guarantee, guarantees limited, credit letters.
  • Bank Debits - Charge of the customer's bank deposits and the sum of the value of other instruments.
  • Balance Transfer - The process of moving an outstanding balance from one credit card to another is usually to lower the interest rate on outstanding balance. Transfers are sometimes managed according to a balance transfer fee.
  • Bank Examination- To check the bank's solvency and banking law and sound banking principles, the bank's assets, income and expenditure, as well as the work-based examination conducted by the representatives of Federal and State Bank's Supervisory Authority.
  • Bank Rate - The interest rate payable by the big banks if they borrow from the Reserve Bank, but the central bank of the country. Banks rate interest rates affect banks / financial institutions and their customers provide.
  • Bond - Encouraging the incentive of an exchange instrument, under which the issuer holder agreed as its face value plus interest as promised.
  • Bill of Exchange - The order written by the merchandise vendor directs the buyer to pay a certain number of vendors (or holder of the bill) on a specific fixed date on a specific date.
  • Basis Point - One hundredth point (i.e. 0.01%), is generally used to show the value of money or money.
  • Balance Sheet - Company's property and liability statement at a particular time. Property on a balance sheet always equals liability and plus owner's equity.
  • Bankruptcy - A condition that a firm (or person) is unable to fulfill its (his) obligations and, therefore, his (assets) property is surrendered to the administrative court.
  • Business Day - Any day, in any office of the bank, openly run all the business of the bank.
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