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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Banking Terms and Glossary : Par - 4 (Alphabet - D)



Essential for All Upcoming Bank Exams
  • D/P (documents against payment) - View the shipping documents presented to a bank based on a collection to send to the buyer, when paying. 
  • Default Risk Premium - An interest rate portion based on the default absence of creditors. 
  • Direct taxes - Taxes that directly affect the customer, such as income tax, corporate tax, gain capital etc. 
  • Documentary Credit - A written undertaking by an exporter to allow an exporter to draw a specific amount of bank draft under certain conditions and conditions. They are used to facilitate international trade. Also called letter letters (LCs). 
  • Debt Elimination Scheme – A loan exclusion plan is a plan that is notified as a way to remove different types of debt in exchange for a person's money compared to the amount of money less than the amount of loan. These schemes are fraudulent. Due to the use of a fraud scheme, people will lose money, lose property, their credit rating will be damaged, and probably require additional loans. In addition, a lender can try a legal debt against a negative attempt to eliminate debt solutions. It is also possible for such a fraudulent scheme to detect victim theft by participating. 

  • Debit – A debit can be an account entry that you represent a lender or money from your deposit account. 
  • Discount – The Amount by which a bond or preferred stock sells its net worth or net value. In the foreign exchange market, the amount of forward money is less than the spread price. In general, it means an amount of reducing the value of the property / product paid / given during the sale of money. 
  • Debt security – The issuer (lender) and the device holder (lender) represents a financial relationship with a transaction that includes the United States Treasury securities, commercial paper, corporate bonds, municipal securities, convertible loans and safe loan materials such as CMOs and REMICs. Debt securities are usually not included in the option contract, futures contract, forward contract, lease agreement, or a secured loan. 
  • Debt service coverage (DSC) – The margin by which the total payment of all borrower or bonds applicable (only for a loan or not for a bank for a loan) forms the sum of cash and all major loans and interest that the cash flow accounting process is deducted. 
  • Direct Financing - Provision of funds for investment to the ultimate user of funds. 
  • Direct deposit – It is usually rotated by your employer or external organization (such as passions or government benefits payments to your account) and you touch the risk of depositing paper checks. Online transfers are not considered as Direct Deposits. 
  • DRT - Debt Recovery Tribunal. 
  • D/A (documents against acceptance) – When he receives a bill of exchange, refer to the shipping documents presented to a bank on a collection basis to send it to the buyer. When the bank does not end up paying the seller (supplementary) when they ask the seller to give the seller. 
  • Debenture - An instrument for raising long-term debt. Debentures in India are usually protected by real assets. 
  • Drawee – The person (or the bank) is prospective to make a check or draft for the payment. 
  • Draft – A signed written order by which a party (drawer) refers to another party (fixed currency) to pay a specific interest to the third party (the lender) or on a specific date. Usually bank drafts are similar in exchange for many instruments and checks. 
  • Debit Card – A debit card allows the account owner to access their funds electronically. Debit cards can be used to get cash from automatic teller machines or purchase a product or service using a pick-off-sale system. Usage of a debit card includes immediate debit and credit of customer accounts.
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