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Skill for life, Save a Life- An Initiative By Govt. of India

Skill for life, Save a Life- An Initiative By Govt. of India

Skill for life, Save a Life- An Initiative By Govt. of India

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India is a country with vast population. Among them more than 65% of the youth belong to the age group of below 35 years. To ensure the employability of maximum number of youth, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare J P Nanda has launched a new scheme named as 'Skill for life, Save a Life' Initiative. Under the scheme, Govt. will promote the skill development in the health sector. Apart from the increasing employability for the youth, this scheme will increase the number of trained healthcare professionals across India. According to the Govt. the initiative will boost the opportunity by providing adequate skills and employability to the youth to make a strong foundation for the sustainable growth. Various healthcare related professional courses are planned under the scheme to reach the target-number of healthcare professionals. The main motto of the initiative is to train a general citizen to do the first aid and adequate medical care in case of an emergency.

Reason behind this Initiative-
According to the Ministry, In India approx. 1324 accidents used to occur on the road every day. The first 10 minutes after accident is considered as very crucial as it can save the lives of the victims. Here comes the importance of trained health care professionals. They can do the initial first aid and treatment before the victims can get admitted to the hospitals. As well as, the initiative can reduce the gap between the job expectation of the youth and the real job they get. These trained healthcare professionals can also eliminate the difference between demand and supply of skilled and trained manpower in India. There is a huge need of healthcare experts in India. Introduction of this scheme must help the health sector of India to grow.

Features of the Initiative-

  • The curriculum of the training course would be jointly designated by AIIMS, New Delhi and National Institute of Health and Family Welfare. The Central and State Government Institutions would conduct these training from the month of July in every district across India. 
  • It must give a platform to the youths of India to get trained for jobs in medical field. 
  • Lack of primary care in case of pregnancy is the biggest cause of the premature delivery and high mortality rate of the new born and their mothers. This area would also be covered under this scheme as the trained personnel can provide tips and guidance to the mothers of the new born. 
  • It must provide affordable, appropriate and accountable health care of standard quality to the citizens of India, which can be possible through this strategic investment in the health workforce. This scheme must ensure the health coverage of every part of India by broadening the base. 
  • The 'First Responders' must be created through this training program that can complement the vacuum of trained specialist in case of urgent need.
  • Standard Curriculum for the various short term courses like First Responder, Geriatric Care Assistant, General Duty Assistant, Phlebotomist, Home Health Aide, Sanitary Health Inspector, Diabetes Educator, Emergency Medical Technician etc. has already launched along with various health care diploma courses and the Logo of 'Skill for life, Save a Life' Initiative.

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